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140915 SUJU’s Heechul Says Leeteuk Brings Super Junior Together

September 15, 2014 at 9:39 am | Posted in Heechul, Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

Super Junior’s Heechul expressed his love and respect for Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk.

Leeteuk quietly got discharged from the army on July 29 in Gangwon province, without holding any special events. He started preparing for Super Junior’s album soon after and launched promotions on August 28 starting with the press conference for the 7th album Mamacita.

Returning to the stage in about two years, Leeteuk said, “I was worried about whether or not I can start it over again and get back up. But the members helped me out a lot.”

Meeting with enews on September 12, Leeteuk said, “Many things have changed on music programs. More than anything else, I’m so happy to be back on the stage again.”


Heechul said, “It really feels like we’re Super Junior now because we have Leeteuk. Leeteuk makes Super Junior, which was scattered everywhere, come back to its own spot. I’m so happy that Leeteuk is back. We need to have leader Leeteuk in the team.”

Upon hearing this, Leeteuk waved it off and said, “It’s all thanks to the members who are united as a team. I’m so happy that I can promote as Super Junior again.”

Source: mwave.interest.me
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140912 SuperJunior ‘MAMACITA’, ranks no.1 in the most viewed MV in the whole world in August

September 12, 2014 at 2:55 pm | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment


Group SuperJunior’s 7th regular album title song ‘MAMACITA’ splendidly got chosen as the most viewed K-POP MV in the whole world in August in 3 days of its release.

SuperJunior proved their global popularity once again by ranking no. 1 in the most viewed K-POP MV in the whole world with title song ‘MAMACITA’ at the announcement of the most viewed K-POP MV TOP 10 in YouTube for the last month and got titled as ‘Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: August 2014’ in an article of famous American media, Billboard on last 8th (local time).

Especially, it is eye-catching that Billboard covered SuperJunior’s 7th regular album title song ‘MAMACITA’ on last 5th and reported, “Veteran boy band SuperJunior’s ‘MAMACITA’ has become the most viewed K-POP MV in the whole world. SuperJunior has released title song ‘MAMACITA’ MV on last 29th and even ranked no.1 although only 3 days of August were left.


Additionally, ‘MAMACITA’ MV ranked no.1 not only in weekly chart of ‘K-POP MV Chart TOP 20′, but also in Chinese online video site iQIYI and in MV weekly chart of Chinese music site Yinyuetai’s V chart’s Korean section for 2 weeks, proving SuperJunior’s dignity as global Korean Wave king.

Also, SuperJunior is on the up and up by showing off their power, ranking the top in music programs such as in cable channel MBC Music ‘Show! Music Core’ and Mnet ‘M!countdown’ after  in various domestic music, album and MV charts.

Meanwhile, SuperJunior is going to perform great stage of title song ‘MAMACITA’ in music programs such as KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on 12th, MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on 13th, and SBS ‘Popular Music’ on 14th.

Source: osen.co.kr [Seon Mi Kyoung]
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140905 Super Junior Reveals Fun Drama Version of “Mamacita” MV

September 5, 2014 at 3:42 pm | Posted in 7th Album, MV/DVD/CD, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

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Super Junior has surprised their fans by releasing a drama version of their latest title track, “Mamacita“!

On September 5, the video was unveiled through SM Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel. With the original “Mamacita” music video hitting six million views, the agency decided to celebrate the milestone by offering a better look into the video’s entertaining plot.

As the title hints, the drama version focuses on the Western-inspired story that was featured both in the teaser and in the first music video. This time around, ELFs are able to follow the story from beginning to end, and despite the plot twists being slightly confusing at times, the drama version does a good job in keeping viewers entertained.

Super Junior is currently promoting their long-awaited comeback song “Mamacita” on music shows.

Source: www.soompi.com
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140905 SuperJunior ‘MAMACITA’, ranks no. 1 in Billboard World Album Chart

September 5, 2014 at 8:37 am | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

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Group SuperJunior became the top in Billboard World Album Chart.

SuperJunior’s 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ that was released through iTunes on last 30th, ranked no. 1 in US Billboard World Album Chart (on September, 3rd).

Especially, they proved SuperJunior’s power of global Korean Wave king with this album by sweeping no. 1 in various MV charts with all its music, album, and MV such as ranking no. 1 in album charts of 4 Asian iTunes and being in the top ranking of global album charts such as in Europe and South America, and ranking no. 1 in various domestic album sales total chart, YouTube official K-POP channel, iQIYI, and Yinyuetai V chart.

Also, SuperJunior is going to release drama version of ‘MAMACITA’ through official homepage and YouTube SMTOWN channel on 5th and attract netizens’ eyes with interesting story of various characters of members that outstand.

The drama version MV is anticipated to gather hot response since it contains a reversal story of the most wanted criminal Leeteuk that broke out of jail stealing the crown from the president of the bank Sungmin with bartender Heechul, blacksmith Shindong, and gambler Kyuhyun. Also, sheriff Siwon that chases them, bounty hunter Donghae, bullfighter Eunhyuk, fruit seller Kang In, and barber Ryeowook also adds the fun by acting each unique individual character passionately.

Source: Osen.co.kr (Seon Mi Kyoung)
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140905 Super Junior’s ‘Mamacita’ Tops World Albums Chart With Only Three Days of Sales

September 5, 2014 at 3:48 am | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

The veteran boy band experimented with Latin dance and New Jack Swing on the LP’s lead single

Almost a decade into their career, Super Junior‘s still got it. The veteran boy band notched their first No. 1 on a Billboard chart by sending Mamacita: The 7th Album to the top of Billboard‘s World Albums chart.

In just three days time, Mamacita sold 1,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. The album was released to digital retailers on Aug. 29 giving it very little time to rack up sales in Billboard‘s tracking week that ends Sunday at midnight.

Despite the atypical release date, the K-pop act proved triumphant, though the set misses ranking on the Heatseekers Album chart. Super Junior had previously sent 2011 LP Mr. Simple to No. 41 on Heatseekers Albums (it peaked at No. 3 on World Albums) while 2012’s Sexy, Free & Single hit No. 37 on Heatseekers (and also peaked at No. 3 on World Albums).

After the two-year wait, Super Junior’s latest shows the band at what might be their most experimental yet.

Mamacita’s title track opens with a trumpet intro that sounds as if the listener is in for a full-on salsa romp. But modern-day R&B and dance grooves emerges with the Latin flair left intact via perpetual trumpet blasts and even a bit of Spanish added to the Korean and English lyrics. Co-produced by Teddy Riley (former member of Blackstreet and Michael Jackson producer), the track has subtle elements of New Jack Swing mixed with the boy-band harmonies; a rather fascinating combination best heard on the chorus.

The accompanying video for “Mamacita” has a Spaghetti Western movie theme with the SJ members playing roles like the “Wanted Thief” (Leetuk), “Sheriff” (Siwon), “Bartender” (Heechul) and more. Paying tribute to the famous movie genre, there’s an over-the-top plotline showing ridiculous fight scenes of the guys spliced in between shots of their group choreography. While the Latin musical theme did not inspire the overall visual theme, the band does incorporate a bit of flamenco in their routine in the second verse.

As for the rest of the album, the song closest to “Mamacita” is “Shirt” which incorporates a sexy samba feel with a hint of modern bachata. Appropriately, Super Junior performed the Mamacita standout during their first live performances to promote their new single. Watch “Shirt” live below.

The rest of the album showcases a variety of musical styles for the K-pop act. There’s the slick “Midnight Blues” that mixes slinky synths with ominous strings for a smooth, R&B-pop track. The melancholic “Evanescene” has a Drake feel with a knocking hip-hop beat and old-school synths. Meanwhile, the funky “This Is Love” has a throwback MJ feel to it. As well, Super Junior show their fun side on the One Direction-esque, rock-pop jam “Too Many Beautiful Girls” that’s packed with shout-along hooks and sounds like it could have been a hit single for junior boy band B1A4.

Almost a decade into their career, Super Junior’s Mamacita proves the band can make a solid album while getting more experimental in their genre-hopping. Listen to a medley of the LP’s tracks below.

Source: billboard
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A Press Conference for Super Junior is Even Funnier Than ‘Gag Concert’ – From 140901

September 4, 2014 at 9:37 pm | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

Idol group with 10 years of experience can make people laugh at anytime?

Super Junior’s built up experiences not only shined on music stages.

Maybe it was because their ‘close hyung’ Jun Hyun Moo was the host of the event but ‘entertainer idol’ Super Junior showed off their humorous features at the press conference.

Even the press and reporters who were busy taking photos of SJ fell into their charms.

Let’s go back to the press conference of Super Junior’s 7th album release <MAMACITA>.

SUPER JUNIOR/ photo= Han Kwang Ho photographer

“Hello, great to see you. Our 7th album <MAMACITA> is..”

They look serious yet.

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140904 Super Junior’s Heechul Writes a Sincere Message about Ladies’ Code on Instagram

September 4, 2014 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Heechul, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

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Super Junior‘s Heechul posted a sincere message on his personal Instagram profile in regards to what has happened to Ladies’ Code.

Along with a blank black image, he posted:
“I met EunB for the first time today, in a photo at her funeral. I couldn’t help but cry looking at her smiling so cutely and kindly in her picture.

And I was so sad seeing EunB’s mother, who’s probably suffering the most, comforting us by saying, ‘EunB, your seniors have come to see you.’

Truthfully, as this doesn’t feel unfamiliar to us, I was hesitant to mention anything on SNS since yesterday. One thing I do want to say is that you should always wear your seatbelt. We [idols] get involved in more car accidents than anyone else.

Eight years ago, if I didn’t wear my seatbelt in that car accident… I too, think it’s bothersome to put it on sometimes, but I always put it on, thinking about what had happened in the past.

I just wanted to say this again, hence this message. My deepest condolences go out to EunB’s family and friends. And I hope that RiSe will get better soon. Our member Kyuhyun was in the same situation.  He said he wasn’t conscious for four days after the accident…. and that Rise will definitely wake up… Really… Like what Kyuhyun said… Like Kyuhyun… I pray that she will gain the strength to wake up.”

Source: www.soompi.com
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140903 Taipei 101 Who.A.U Event with Leeteuk and Donghae [News Video]

September 3, 2014 at 10:23 am | Posted in Donghae, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

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140903 Leeteuk at Incheon Airport (to Taiwan) [7P]

140903 Leeteuk and Donghae at Taoyuan Airport (from Korea) [26P]

140903 Taipei 101 Who.A.U Event with Leeteuk and Donghae [5P]

Credit: newsebc
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D&E Skeleton Fanmeeting with Eunhyuk and Donghae [News Video] – From 140901

September 2, 2014 at 3:26 am | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Events/Concerts/Perfs., News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

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Credit: P taka; JIJIPRESS
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140901 SuperJunior, ranks no. 1 in 4 countries’ iTunes album chart – no.1 in Chinese MV chart

September 1, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment



Group SuperJunior is getting popularity by ranking the top in various music charts in Asia.

SuperJunior’s global popularity could be realized with its 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ released globally through iTunes, ranking no. 1 in 4 Asia countries’ album charts; Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and ranking in the upper rankings of global charts of Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesian, Macao, Finland, Mexico, and even South America on last 30th.

Additionally, 7th regular album ‘MAMACITA’ MV which was released on 28th, ranked no. 1 in Chinese online video site iQIYI and in MV weekly chart (August 25th~31st) of Chinese music site Yinyuetai’s V chart, proving the power of global Korean Wave king.


New song ‘MAMACITA’ is an urban new jack swing genre song which the piano melody makes one anticipate of drum sound and DJ remix with the Indian percussion rhythm at the basis. SuperJunior has performed their comeback stage with ‘MAMACITA’ in various terrestrial music programs, and making headlines by attracting fans with new music and powerful performance which is mingled well.

Especially, title song ‘MAMACITA’s performance is collaborated with global choreographer Tony Testa and Super Junior for the first time and raised its completeness with SM performance directing team ‘BeatBurger’s Shim Jae Won’s participation. The buzz is that great performance is created by SuperJunior’s active participation of their various opinion added in the formation of the choreography.

Also the whole concept of this performance is formed with dances that make one anticipate of passionate ‘Spanish warrior’ bullfighter, bull, flamenco, and doubled the charm of the song with restrained masculine performance.

Meanwhile, SuperJunior is going to actively perform with ‘MAMACITA’, and release album offline on 1st.

Source: Osen.co.kr (Seon Mi Kyoung)
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140901 [STAR Q&A] ‘Super Junior’ Sungmin “If I Win the Trophy, I’ll Take Off my Wig”

September 1, 2014 at 2:57 am | Posted in News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

SUPER JUNIOR/ photo=Han Kwang Ho photographer

Super Junior held a press conference on August 28 after the leader Lee Teuk rejoined the group.

The camera flashes went off from everywhere to ten members.

Among them, one member grabbed our attention with unique hair style. He has silver with black highlighted bobbed hair (known as ‘ba-ga-ji hair’ in Korean).

Eun Hyun was on the center of the attention when he had similar concept in 2012 with the album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. Maybe, it is Sungmin’s turn this time.

Is it okay for him to be that sensational?

We wanted to hear more from him, but since he is a reserved person, he shortly answered at the conference “It was inspired by a character in a webtoon” and saved his breath.

So, we made a phone call to Sungmin.

Q. You have very unique hair style. What was the inspiration?

A. I got the idea from a webtoon. It was my first time reading one, and there were tons of distinctive outfits and hairstyles. I showed one style which intrigued me the most to the hair designer, and he manufactured a wig which was convenient. My real hair is just black.

Q. Isn’t it uncomfortable? It seems like you don’t secure a clear view. 

A. When I stay still, it does not bother me at all. However, when I was filming MV, I bumped into other members and blocked the flow of dance, so members beat me up. Haha! But I really like my hair style because it stands out.

Q. Your nail is about ten time more prettier than mine. How do you take care of your nail?

A. Oh, is it? Thank you. I don’t take good care of my nail on usual days. I get the pampering only when I stand on stage. If you look closely, my nail has ‘Sungmin’ and ’7th album’ written on them. ‘Sungmin’ is actually written in Chinese characters. I actually polished them on my own!

Q. How do you do that on your own? You are amazing.

A. At first, it was hard. But it’s the result of hard working. This is gel nail, so it lasts longer and I don’t have to change them often. I might damage my nail though…

Sung Min, SUPER JUNIOR/ photo=Han Kwang Ho photographer

Q. Have you stayed healthy? You seem like having a strong physique.

A. It was hard to stay in shape while practicing a musical because the more I lose weight, the harder it gets to sing. I had moderate work out and food intake which resulted in bulky body shape. I don’t have the scales at home so I’m unsure whether I’ve gained weight or not….but I’m worried.

Q. How do you feel after the press conference?

A. Yesung was absent at the event, but almost all members have rejoined again so I felt both thrilled and nervous. I was curious about people’s reactions which so far have been good. I wish more people listen to our songs.

Q. Any recommendation in your album track besides the title song?

Q. I like all of the songs since we’ve put much efforts into each song. If I have to choose one, it is a song ‘Shirt’ by Donghae which Eunhyuk and Shin Dong took charge of the choreography. Not only me, but all of SJ members like this song. The song has our unique color.

Q. Can you make a special promise if SJ wins on music program? 

A. I haven’t thought of that because our goal is to enjoy the album promotions rather than to hope for #1. Hmm…what should I say. Since SJ members are not around me at this moment, I’ll make a personal promise. I’ll take off my wig on stage. Or at least, I’ll pretend that it slipped off. Haha….

▶ Bonus cut!

Sung Min, SUPER JUNIOR/ photo=Sung Min

This is Sungmin’s selfie which he has EXCLUSIVELY sent to Wiki K-Pop.

It is reportedly taken while filming ‘MAMACITA’ MV three weeks ago. We had no idea that his ruffle silver had been a wig.

Anyway, he proves to be a natural born flower boy in the photo!

Source: www.wikikpop.com (YANG, JA YOUNG)
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140901 Mezamashi TV A-Nation with Eunhyuk and Donghae [News Video]

September 1, 2014 at 12:22 am | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Events/Concerts/Perfs., News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment

Credit: イ・ヒョミン
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.com)


K-Pop & Latin America: The Brilliance of Super Junior’s ‘MAMACITA’ – From 140830

August 31, 2014 at 6:57 am | Posted in 7th Album, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | Leave a comment


“MAMACITA” is the seventh album from the powerhouse K-Pop group Super Junior. The title track is heavily influenced by Spanish music and is supported by a Spaghetti Western music video which features cowboys, as well as bull fighters.

In the video, Super Junior transform into modern day toreros. The choreography of “MAMACITA” incorporates moves from Flamenco, a form of dance and music from the southern region of Spain.

Within twelve hours of its release, the video for “MAMACITA” received close to 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Beyond the concept of the title song, “MAMACITA” demonstrates the awareness of SM Entertainment in regards to Super Junior’s growing Hispanic fanbase.

Super Junior toured Latin America in 2013, but did not make U.S. stops.

Super Junior is an interesting example of the global increase of interest in K-Pop. In 2013, Super Junior performed throughout South America, making stops for their Super Show 5 tour in Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.

The group did not perform in the United States but included Mexico as part of the Super Show 5 tour. Their Mexico City performance on November 7, 2013 had 15,994 fans in attendance which exceeded their per night attendance for shows in China, Philippines, and Singapore.

Prior to their tour stops in Mexico and South America, Super Junior were the focus on numerous television shows which illustrated their relevance to Korean pop including a feature on Megavision’s “Mucho Gusto.”

During Super Show 5, Super Junior received attention from major television networks in Latin America. TV Azteca, a network based out of Mexico, has been largely attributed for the spread of K-Pop in Mexico, by including K-Pop within its music chart show.

TV Azteca is included in an analysis of K-Pop and Latin America which was compiled by Professor Han Woo Park of YeungNam University. In his study, Professor Han Woo Park considered various factors including YouTube viewers of K-Pop music videos within Latin America, as well as the usage of SNS tools like Twitter by Spanish K-Pop fans.

While Super Junior are not the only K-Pop artists who have incorporated elements of Spanish music into their album, the group is a prime example of the influence of K-Pop upon Latin America.

Super Show 6 will open on September 19, 2014 with dates scheduled for Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka. It will be interesting to see if the tour will make similar stops as Super Show 5, in Mexico and South America.

Source: www.kpopstarz.com (Adrienne Stanley)
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