[Naver] Shindong’s army photos [Netizen Comment] – From 150415

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[+2290, -118] Even SuJu has all become old ㅋㅋㅋ Time..Ha..

[+1695, -57] His waist was injured? Nice to see him enlist actively after doing treatment

[+1724, -98] Don’t get injured and do well!!!

[+1683, -298] The rest of SuJu still aren’t going?ㄷㄷ

[+481, -17] He can smile even when he’s in that hell…

[+373, -19] Do well and come back…..

[+311, -18] Hwaiting, Shindong do well!!

[+242, -28] Seunggi-ya are you watching? Hurry up and go~

[+232, -22] Active enlistment after treatment??? Good impression

[+217, -25] He’s really a man, he’s become more handsome in army

[+203, -18] Shindong DJㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I’m your fan ㅜㅜㅜ I miss you, you must return healthily and come back to radio, hwaiting!!

Source: naver
Translated By: youcantdothaaat
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150418 [Naver] “Fluttering” Kyuhyun, how ‘Kyuline’ was born [Netizen Comment]

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[+1112/-44] Kyuhyun sings well and is really fun and seems really sincere to boot~ FI [Fluttering India] looks like a really nice program to watch with the whole family.

[+1066/-33] It looks like Radio Star is really a huge change of pace for Kyuhyun [T/N: that his image/attitude there differ greatly from how he really is]

[+800/-34] Kyuhyun, do well~!!!!!

[+706/-30] FI is fun~ Kyuhyun fighting^^

[+531/-78] Can’t Kyuhyun be Infinity Challenge’s Sixth Man? After seeing him now

[+148/-4] Prickly to his hyungnims on Radio Star, but on the contrary so soft/tender to his dongsaengs ㅋㅋㅋ

[+142/-5] Kyuhyun’s singing in the taxi~~~ his voice is good and his singing skill is good too

[+131/-5] It was cute when the younger ones asked him to be on the lookout and he did it so willingly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what is LookoutKyu anyway ㅋㅋㅋ

[+130/-4] When Kyuhyun was singing in the taxi ♥

[+125/-8] Unexpectedly entertaining….I laughed for so long while watching

[+121/-6] He was really good when he sang ‘Wildflower’ in the taxi……it looks like even his behavior/actions are warm. Kyuline fighting!!!!!

[+118/-6] I only knew Kyuhyun from Radio Star and just liked him ㅜㅜ and for some reason didn’t know he was from Super Junior.. but since Gwanghwamun I’ve been liking him more and more!!!! Do well, do better!

[+108/-6] He’s the maknae in SJ but is like the leader here ㅎㅎ Kyu fighting, I support you

[+105/-4] Kyuline..it’s nice to see how warm they are ^^ yesterday’s show was also entertaining

[+98/-4] I support Kyuhyun ♡♡♡♡♡ It’s really nice to see how he’s always hard-working ♡♡ fighting!

[+96/-4] Kyuline looks really warm, they all seem to be similar people who match well. All the members seem kind.. and Kyuhyun sings really well and has a good sense of humor and looks like he’s really reassuring as the eldest hyung too.. I might become a Kyuline fan ㅎㅎ

[+90/-3] Kyuhyun ㅋㅋ the concert in the taxi was really great~

[+77/-1] This show is really great ㅋㅋㅋ all five of them are cute and nice ㅋㅋㅋ nice kids with exploding chemistry ㅋㅋㅋ

[+67/-1] An unexpected side of Kyuhyun was revealed. He must’ve wanted to enjoy his own vacation time, but he still did all the calculations and checked the prices really carefully and even sang live for his dongsaengs. I didn’t know it from just watching Radio Star but he seems like he’s a really good person. FI is more entertaining than I thought it would be, I hope it and Kyuhyun do well!!

Source: naver
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Super Junior’s Kangin Will Not Be Reappearing on “Real Men” – From 150417

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While Super Junior’s Kangin has been reported to police for failing to attend his mandatory reserve army training, a representative from “Real Men” revealed, “There were no plans of him reappearing on the show in the first place.”

Producer Kim Min Jong said on April 17 to TV Report, “From the beginning, the last broadcast was going to be Kangin’s last and there were no plans for him to reappear on the show. From this point on, he will not be on the show.”

He added carefully, “Since this decision was made regardless of the controversy, there’s nothing I can say.”

Kangin was discharged from the military in 2012 and assigned to 72 hours of mandatory reserve army training. However, it was reported that he did not attend a single training session. About this, his management company SM Entertainment said, “He could not attend due to personal reasons. We will be careful so that this does not happen from now on.”

Police indicted Kangin without detention for the offence and passed the case to prosecution.

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‘Fluttering India’ Gentlemen are Dashing for ‘InStyle’ – From 150417

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The ever handsome gentlemen of ‘Fluttering India’ have attracted the staff of InStyle magazine and score the team a very dashing group pictorial.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho, CNBlue’s Jonghyun, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, and EXO’s Suho were all groomed and wore suit for a sophisticated photoshoot. Everyone set aside their humor and playfulness and appeared very serious and charismatic during the pictorial. The spread featuring these five will be included in the May issue of InStyle magazine.

It would be heartbreaking to choose only one from these gorgeous-looking men. But let’s try, who’s your favorite? See more BTS photos and clip below:



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SM Entertainment Apologizes for Kangin’s Failure to Attend Mandatory Reserve Army Training – From 150416

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SM Entertainment extended words of apology regarding controversy surrounding Super Junior‘s Kangin, and the reports that he did not attend any mandatory reserve army training.

On a phone call with SBS funE on April 17, a representative from SM said, “There was an oversight because of schedules and personal reasons. In the future, we will make sure that this will never happen.”

Indie band 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol faces a similar controversy, and his representatives also expressed that he seems to have overlooked his duties because of his album preparations and promised that he will not overlook it again.

Police indicted them without detention for the offense and have forwarded the cases to prosecution.

Source: nate | soompi
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150417 Showbiz Korea – Choi Siwon to Greet Chinese Viewers in August With Movie ‘To the Fore’ [Video]

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[YStarNews] Shindong in the Army [Video] – From 150415

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Credit: ystarnews
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150416 Liu Wen dances to ‘Sorry Sorry’ upon meeting SJ brothers-in-law

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It must be a ritual to welcome the bride of any Super Junior members on We Got Married and make her dance to ‘Sorry Sorry’ as what top model Liu Wen did opun meeting her Super Junior brothers-in-law.

In the preview of Chinese We Got Married, Siwon introduces Liu Wen to his fellow members Zhoumi, Kangin, and Leeteuk. Seems like the gentlemen were all amazed by the beauty of their soon-to-be sister in law.

However, despite the tease, Liu Wen is very game and dances to ‘Sorry Sorry’ and even displays her professional runway walk leaving Siwon and the rest in awe. Watch the entertaining video below:

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150415 M&D Unveils Album Highlight Medley of Self-Composed Songs

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Related post: 150415 M&D “가내수공업” Highlight Medley [Video]

Creating an album for themselves, the M&D members, Super Junior′s Heechul and Trax′s Jung Mo, released the highlight medley of their upcoming first mini album, Homemade (translated).


All six tracks in the album were composed and arranged by Jung Mo, with lyrics written by Heechul. M&D already showcased I Wish through the music video that was released earlier this week.

M&D′s new album will be released on April 16.

Source: mwave
Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Asks for Help in Gathering Evidence for Possible Legal Action against Malicious Comments – From 150414

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Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed that he will be responding to malicious comments and rumors seriously.

Leeteuk said on April 14 through his Twitter, “I’m collecting some material right now. I’m collecting everything from spread of false information, malicious comments, and continuous rumors, and especially malicious and derisive comments about my family. I would be grateful if you found me screenshots of IDs or the comments.”

He then gave his email address, saying, “Please send them over tospecial5170@naver.com”.

Recently, there have been controversies surrounding the leader of Super Junior due to malicious rumors and comments regarding his family, and Leeteuk seems to be responding to these seriously.

Meanwhile, Leeteuk continues to be active on a number of variety programs including SBS‘s “Star King.”

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Guess what?: Lots of bananas for Super Junior – From 150410

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The promoter of the upcoming concert of South Korean boy band Super Junior revealed that the members requested various fruits, especially bananas, at their accommodation.

“On top of their rider list is fruit. Their favorite is bananas; they requested a lot of bananas,” said Franciska Meilani from Synergism Entertainment.

The famous group with a large international fanbase will perform Super Show 6: Super Junior World Tour in Jakarta at the Indonesia Convention and Exhibition (ICE) building in BSD City, South Tangerang, on May 3.

Like their previous Jakarta gigs, they will not perform in full format because members Shindong, Sungmin and Yeesung are still serving mandatory military service.

Choi Siwon, Leeteuk, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Kim Heechul and Kim Ryeowook are set to entertain their fans, known as Everlasting Friends, often abbreviated to ELF.

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150412 Super Junior’s Yesung Is the Most Real Estate Savvy K-Pop Star

April 12, 2015 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys, Yesung | 1 Comment

140412 Super Junior’s Yesung Is the Most Real Estate Savvy K-Pop Star (4)

KBS‘s “Entertainment Weekly” has named Super Junior‘s Yesung the K-pop star who is the most skilled at investing in real estate.

Yesung does not have the most money invested in real estate, but by selling it at an opportune time he was able to make the highest profit. Other stars on the list included Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who owns a building worth 7.3 billion won (6.7 million USD), and KARA‘s Seungyeon, who owns one with a value of 4.9 billion won (4.5 million USD). However, note that these numbers don’t mean they’ve made money off the properties.

In comparison, Yesung has done very well with his recent real estate investment. He bought a building four years ago for 750 million won (686,000 USD). When he sold it recently, he made a profit of 880 million won (804,000 USD)!

The real estate consultant on “Entertainment Weekly” therefore named him the most savvy real estate investor of all K-pop stars.

Yesung has been serving in the army as a public service officer since May 2013, and it’s expected that he will be discharged this May.

140412 Super Junior’s Yesung Is the Most Real Estate Savvy K-Pop Star (1)

*Some pictures and other information may have been omitted in translation..*

Source: News Nate
Translated by: Soompi
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SUJU′s Kyuhyun Decided to Duet with Lee Moon Sae Without Getting Lee Soo Man′s Permission – From 150407

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Talking about his collaboration with Super Junior′s Kyuhyun, Lee Moon Sae shared some details that happened behind-the-scenes.

On April 7, Lee Moon Sae was invited as a guest to MBC FM4U′s Two O′clock Date to share about his new album in 13 years, New Direction.


He said that he wanted to share his music with the younger generation, explaining the reason why he had duets with Naul, Kyuhyun, and more.

“I wrote the lyrics to She is coming. After finishing, I realized it was a song for two male singers. I thought it would be nice to have a slightly young singer for it,” said Lee Moon Sae. “After thinking, I remembered that Kyuhyun remade my song, Flying, Deep in the Night and also had a solo song called At Gwanghwamun. So I told him, ′This hyung is going to do this song. Can you do it with me?′ and Kyuhyun came immediately.”

When asked if Lee Soo Man′s permission was needed for the collaboration, Lee Moon Sae answered, “Kyuhyun isn′t in the position to decide on who to work with by himself, but this collaboration didn′t go all the way up to Lee Soo Man. It was decided within Kyuhyun′s line.”

“If Lee Soo Man hears the song today and says no, then we have to wrap it up even now,” joked Lee Moon Sae.

New Direction was released on April 7.

Source: mwave.interest.me
Photo Credit: KMOON
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