151124 Masita Special Thanks with Kyuhyun [News Video]

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Credit: EnTown
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[Naver/Nate] Siwon’s enlistment [Netizen Comments] – From 151119

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[+6052, -520] SM seriously handles enlistments cleanly.. YG on the other hand..

[+3876, -107] Weird reporter~~~~ You still have your face, even after cutting hair still handsome~~~ Do your service well and return /~^^//

[+2597, -101] I’ve been constantly paying attention to him in She Was Pretty. Return well and healthy and appear in new programs with different explosive charmsㅎㅎ Choi Siwon, come back from army healthy, I’ll be waiting, fighting!

[+2268, -81] Return well, and see you in an even cooler drama~~~

[+840, -28] I was worried about who would look after Changmin in army without Yunho around, but there’s SuJu!!!!

[+313, -30] Seriously SM handles enlistments more cleanly than expectedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Another company should watch and learnㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: x

[+820, -21] Be healthy and return well ^-^

[+815, -43] Kyuhyun must feel differently… Since it’s his future..ㅠ Return healthy!

[+597, -22] Come back cool and manly.!

[517, -16] Come back healthy, cooler and more mature. Always be healthy and have only good things happen..

[+473, -18] Go and return well!! Fighting!

Source: x

[+794, -26] Weird reporter … Return well. To me, weird reporter’s acting is seriously the best ㅋㅋㅋ

[+720, -26] ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously he has a good personality~ Somehow I think he’ll adapt well and live well

Source: x

[+587, -15] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Feed deputy chief editor the picked radish, it’ll be delicious

[+477, -14] The warmth is nice to seeㅋㅋ Weird reporter, return well

Source: x

Credit: youcantdothaaat
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151110 Super Junior′s Donghae Poses with His Fellow Recruits in Latest Photo

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151110 donghae news

A photo of Super Junior′s Donghae, who is currently serving in the army, has been released.

The Korea Army Training Center posted a photo of recruits on November 10.

Donghae is seen among his fellow recruits with one fist in the air and the other wrapped around another soldier′s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Donghae entered the Nonsan recruit training center on October 15 and will begin serving as a conscripted soldier for a year and nine months after receiving basic training. Kangin, Kim Heechul, Leeteuk and Yesung have all completed their service, while Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk are currently in the army.

Source: Mwave
Photo Credit: Korea Army Training Center
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151110 Kim Heechul Joins in New Variety Show

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will be joining Kang Ho Dong in JTBC’s new show as the youngest member.

On November 10, an official from JTBC stated that Kim Heechul was added as the last member for the new variety show. Tentatively titled “Oppa’s House,” this show marks the reunion of Kang Ho Dong with producer Yeo Woon Hyuk. They had worked together in the past for the variety show, “Golden Fishery.”

Besides Kang Ho Dong, Lee Su Geun, Kim Young Chul, Seo Jang Hoon, Hwang Chi Yeol, and Kim Se Hwang are set to be in the show. Now, with the addition of Kim Heechul, the flower boy with a four-dimensional personality, the lineup for the show is complete.

Since his debut as a member of Super Junior 10 years ago, Kim Heechul has consistently showed viewers and fans his bright, uniquely hilarious personality. He is not only unique, but witty as well. It is not an overstatement to say that he has an image that stands out amongst the other members of the new show. Born in 1983, a year younger than Hwang Chi Yeol, Kim Heechul will be the maknae of the show.

The official stated, “The recording for the show will begin on November 13 and the show will air sometime around December. Currently, Kang Ho Dong is meeting with the producers and writers of the show. Please look forward to it.”

Source: (1) | Soompi
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151110 Choi Siwon Chosen as Special Representative for UNICEF Korea

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Choi Siwon, who is currently starring in the popular drama “She Was Pretty,” has been chosen to act as the special representative to UNICEF‘s Korean branch. The UNICEF office in Seoul will be presenting him with a special certificate on November 12.

The singer-actor has contributed to various UNICEF campaigns, including 2013′s “Santa Campaign,” 2014′s “Popcoin Campaign,” and 2015′s “Bracelets for Nepal Campaign.” His involvement has convinced UNICEF that he would be a fantastic representative for their cause.

In the future, he hopes to continue participating in various campaigns. Choi Siwon showed his excitement by saying, “I have been working with UNICEF for some time now, and it really opened my eyes towards campaigns that allow us to share with the less fortunate. I am very honored to be a representative.”

He hopes to focus specifically on projects helping children, expressing, “I hope to share warmth with all the children around the world, and I would like to contribute to a world in which every child is happy.”

Will you join in on his campaigns?

Source: (1); soompi
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151106 [STARCAST] “Shin-hyuk is leaving”… Siwon’s farewell just like Siwon

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Ten‘s identity finally revealed.

Handsome in one word.


we can’t let him go like this.

Because he’s cute.

and cheerful.

Therefore I prepared this. Ddolgija’s the last ‘ddol’ which means weirdo in Korean. ‘Dispatch’ got the beginning and the end of ‘Ten’.

It is one of the hotel in Dongdaemun. Siwon was busier than anyone else. It’s time to release his ‘ddol’ for the last time while revealing his hidden identity.

The shooting continued until dawn. Siwon only sleeps for about 3 hours. It’s really terrible schedule. But he says he’s not tired.

“Can I take this kind of role again? Kim Shin-hyuk is a playful character but cool. He has a rhyme in the lines. I sometimes feel like I’m rapping.” (Siwon)

For example

“This kind of dance?”

“This kind of rapping?”

although Siwon got excited,
we should not be relaxed.


It’s time to say bye to ‘MOST’ fam.
It’s time to say bye to beard.

The farewell moment follows.

Siwon is concentrating reading script. Where’s Kim Shin-hyuk? When he checks the script, he was memorizing it like a student before university entrance exam.

Siwon is getting ready to say goodbye.
However, the order is,

‘K Ca Na Mg l Zn Fe Ni Su Pb H Cu Hg Ag Pt Au’

It is harder than ionization tendency.

“Cha -> Ah -> Poong -> Joon -> ? ->”

What do you need now?

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151106 Super Junior launches their own SM subsidiary label ‘Lable SJ’ [Netizen Comments]

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1. [+975, -20] Wow, SM being nice to SJ, what’s the occasion?

2. [+745, -32] Hul, we’ve been talking about what it’d be like if they could make their own label ㅋㅋㅋ they actually made it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ fighting!!

3. [+704, -67] It’s true, there isn’t another group in Korea that has this level of popularity for how long they’ve been around… They’re still bringing in a lot of foreign income too. Do well, SuJu~~

4. [+567, -39] A great way to preserve the group and still continue to show more of their colors… ♥

5. [+455, -48] Wow, what an honor!!

6. [+157, -9] How daebak… for an idol group to not only last 10 yeras but even get their own label? And Siwon and Yesung have been doing great in the acting department this year as well. Looking forward to more.

7. [+156, -11] SuJu has made them so much money ㅜㅜㅜㅜ finally they’re being paid what they’re due ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please give them proper support

8. [+135, -6] Never in the world did I expect this ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+132, -9] Why is SM being nice to them all of a sudden ㅠㅠ regardless, happy 10th anniversary!

10. [+123, -8] Daebak ㅠㅠㅠ Looks like this was the present they told us to look forward to

Source: Star news via Naver; netizenbuzz
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151106 Exclusive Super Junior Label ′Lable SJ′ Established for 10th Anniversary

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Exclusive Super Junior Label ′Lable SJ′ Established for 10th Anniversary

An exclusive label will be established for Super Junior in honor of the group′s 10th anniversary.

SM Entertainment stated on November 6, “An exclusive label, Lable SJ, will be established for Super Junior, who celebrates its 10th anniversary, today.

Lable SJ was established in order to provide Super Junior with an optimized system and full support. It will handle the Super Junior members′ album production and management, exclusively, to support not just the members′ individual activities, but unit and group activities as well.

Super Junior, who celebrates 10 years together, has scored numerous hits thus far, from U, Sorry Sorry,Bonamana, Mr. Simple, Devil and more, taking center stage as hallyu stars. The group has also performed in 27 cities all around the world for 1.8 million fans at its exclusive branded concert Super Show.

Meanwhile, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Yesung, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Choi Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, who made their debut in 2005, all renewed their contracts with SM based on the trust they built together over 10 years.

Source: Mwave
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151105 [Naver] 11 idols who also shine individually (1) [Netizen Comments]

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(Others include Jonghyun, Soyu, Gain, Zico. Kyu’s is the thumbnail)
(Part 2 in another article: Jimin, Yuju, Mino, Taeyeon, Hyuna, Park Kyung)

*All the comments are about Kyu, I didn’t leave any (of others mentioned) out in between. Maybe it’s because his face was used for the thumbnail, so a lot of traffic comes from his fans in comparison to others.

[+633, -53] Kyuhyun managed to get recognition with the ballad genre which is (typically) ignored by the mainstream, and I applaud him for that. When idols go solo, they mostly do hip hop, rap, dance etc mainly performance genres, but he has his own colour firmly doing the songs he likes succeeding as a ballad singer. Kyuhyun please continue singing a lot for a long time

[+524, -44] I fucking like Kyuhyun’s The Day We Felt The Distance… Hope his solo concert does well! I’ll support!

[+506, -43] Kyuhyun has definitely established himself as not an idol but ballad singer Cho Kyuhyun.. He has found his own colour and in comparison to other singers has a rich sensitive voice and ability. I’m looking forward to more~^^

[+473, -39] Kyuhyun is the autumn balladeer ~~ I really like The Day We Felt The Distance~

[+452, -43] When thinking of ballad singers, you now include autumn balladeer Kyuhyun. At Gwanghwamun is a classic song for autumn, and The Day We Felt The Distance that was released yesterday makes me touched ㅠㅠ

[+166, -11] Kyuhyun is at the level to be not be regarded as an idol, his singing is so good… He seems like a sincere young man

[+159, -13] Thumbs up to balladeer Kyuhyun who thumbs-up to kyuhyun who keeps pouring rain on the barren land of ballads… Lighting the wick of ballads~b

[+156, -11] I have received a lot of healing from Kyuhyun’s songs – A Million Pieces, The Day We Felt The Distance… etc ㅎㅎ Thank you for giving us good songs

[+139, -5] Kyuhyun definitely has solidified his position as a solo. Rather than dancing in a group, he stands out more doing individual activities, whether in terms of singing ability, looks and wit

[+125, -5] I’m the kind that doesn’t listen to idols’ songs. But after At Gwanghwamun I regularly listen to Kyuhyun’s songs. He has the ability to make my heart feel at ease.

[+114, -4] Seriously I look at Kyuhyun differently since the solo album came out.. His voice is seriously just right for Autumn and Winter… His ability has been proven from doing more than 5 musicals and the acknowledgement on Masked Singer… I hope Kyuhyun does well..

[+112, -4] Really I look at Kyuhyun differently since Masked Singer. I only knew him as the poisonous maknae on Radio Star, such a reversal. I even got to know of a good song Stranger

[+100, -3] There’s not many ballad singers who are this good in singing, I hope Kyuhyun sings many songs

Source: Naver; youcantdothaaat
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151105 [Naver] Yesung in Awl, is SuJu an acting group? [Netizen Comments]

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[+1037, -25] They’re all goodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ From weird reporter to Awlㅋㅋㅋ

[+958, -21] Yesung and Choi Siwon are really good in acting, now I kind of looking at SuJu differently

[+850, -23] Acting’s good, Choi Siwon’s too..

[+716, -28] I heard they were a project group.. Wah but Yesung’s acting is okay…. Choi Siwon is good, Yesung too!!

[+563, -17] Really their acting’s all good ㅋ Please have many activities

Source: Naver; youcantdothaat
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151105 She Was Pretty Episode 14 [Spoiler!] [Netizen Comments]

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Osen- Naver: ‘She Was Pretty’ Choi Siwon is Ten!… Shaves his beard and reveals his identity

1. [+20,123, -347] I was in daze for a moment… because he’s too handsome ㅎㄷㄷㄷ

2. [+18,548, -526] Viewers had all the wrong guesses ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Daebak

3. [+15,626, -288] Clean shaven and smiling Siwon is so cool.. The writer cleared our suspicions that he’s not the chairman’s son in the most-like way

4. [+12,080, -300] He’s freaking handsome without his facial hair

5. [+11,213, -188] It’s an overload of visuals in the last part!

6. [+3,154, -59] Now I realize why this drama is called ‘She Was Pretty’. Kim Shin Hyuk probably wrote a book about it

7. [+2,669, -34] I knew that Shin Hyuk isn’t the chairman’s son the moment they showed Poong Ho’s legs

8. [+2,107, -57] It’s all falling into place. The reason why the drama’s called ‘She Was Pretty’ is because it’s written in Kim Shin Hyk’s perspective and not Ji Sung Joon. The main character is Shin Hyuk, he’s the representation of the peeking small face in the Renoir puzzle. Ten will release a book about it

9. [+1,379, -35] The last part is daebak ㄷㄷㄷ Kim Shin Hyuk is Ten and Kim Poong Ho is the chairman’s son! Wow daebak

10. [+1,281, -26] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m speechless

Source: kkuljaem
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151031 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Thinks It’s Time for Siwon to Shave That Beard

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Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun says he is having a hard time coping with his fellow member Choi Siwon‘s beard.

On the October 31 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Kyuhyun sits down with the host for a fun little interview.

When asked to name the Super Junior member who has changed the most since debut, he goes on to choose Choi Siwon who is currently starring as the quirky Kim Shin Hyuk in the MBC hit drama “She Was Pretty.”

Kyuhyun describes the evolution of his groupmate’s appearance, “He was very handsome in the past, but now that he has been working out a lot and grown a beard, everything has gotten out of hand,” and finally makes the interviewer burst into laughter by saying, “I just want to shave his beard off. It drives me crazy.”

151031 news kyuhyun

Source: (1) (2) | Soompi
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151031 Choi Siwon and ‘She Was Pretty’ Co-Star Take Their Bromance to Instagram

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151031 siwon

She Was Pretty” co-stars Park Seo Joon and Choi Siwon have taken their quirky on-screen bromance to Instagram, entertaining fans with their hilarious yet weirdly affectionate social media posts.

김기자 몇장 필요해요? 뉴룩가지말라고 주는 선물입니다

A photo posted by 박서준 (@bn_sj2013) on

On October 31, Park Seo Joon shared a picture of five pairs of men’s underwear with the word “MOST” written on the band, referring to the magazine that they both work for in the drama. The witty caption says, “Reporter Kim, how many pairs do you need? I’m giving you these as gifts to stop you from going to New Look.”

In previous episodes, Choi Siwon’s character Kim Shin Hyuk has made it rather clear that he has something of an obsession with underwear, especially that of Park Seo Joon’s character Ji Sung Joon. The second drama reference has to do with MOST’s competitor and No.1 fashion magazine New Look, and based on the caption, it appears that Ji Sung Joon wants Kim Shin Hyuk to never leave their company.

Two hours later, Choi Siwon responded to the “panty post” by sharing a hilarious photoshopped picture of him and Park Seo Joon engaging in a warm embrace with his Instagram followers. Some devoted fan appears to have swapped the faces of Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum to create the intimate portrait of bromance.

He wrote as the caption, “Such a precious gift… Thank you. Now give all of them to me. Thank you. Let’s do our best and retain our No.1 position [in viewer ratings].”

Meanwhile, this is not the opening chapter of Park Seo Joon and Choi Siwon’s bromance; the new celebrity BFFs were also recently spotted attending the wedding of Park Seo Joon’s younger brother, and have consistently posted other “She Was Pretty” related photos on their social media.

Source: (1) | Soompi
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