Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and TVXQ’s Changmin Get Outed With Embarassing Story – From 160113

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun appeared on the January 13 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Radio Star.” On the show, he admitted to urinating in public withTVXQ’s Changmin.

Kyuhyun was taken aback by a comment submitted to the show by a chauffeur for a driving service. The comment said, “I saw TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun traveling together. They had drunk and had to go to the bathroom desperately. They asked to stop the car and urinated in public. Even though they were drunk, they were very polite young men. By the way, they didn’t tip me. I’m a chauffeur.”

Kyuhyun responded, “I apologize. I had to go so bad, so I found a spot nearby…” His response cracked everyone up.

The theme of this episode was titled “Heart Stealer.” Other guests on the show were comedians Kim Sook, Hwang Je Sung, EXID’s Hani, and actor Kwak Si Yang.

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151227 SUPER JUNIOR – K.R.Y. ASIA TOUR ~Phonograph~ in Hong Kong [J2 News Video]

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The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015 – #57 Donghae #10 Siwon [Video] – From 151226

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151224 Super Junior’s Kangin Candidly Opens Up About His Past Dating Experiences

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Super Junior’s Kangin Candidly Opens Up About His Past Dating Experiences

Super Junior’s Kangin recently appeared on MBN’s variety show “Nationwide Domination” as the Seoul-Gyeonggi representative.

During the recording of the show, Kangin commented, “Now that I’m in my thirties, I regret not having dated a lot in my twenties. I tend to date one person for a long time. I remember women who dated me all ended up crying.”

Kangin added, “It’s not that I was mean to them. I was more interested in hanging out with my friends rather than with my girlfriend. I even planned dates around meeting my friends. So, my girlfriends used to question me if I truly liked them or not.”

MC Jun Hyun Moo asked what his ideal type of woman was. Kangin replied, “I like older women. Someone who is similar to me.” He cracked everyone up when he said, “But since I’m of the age where I should think about marriage, I don’t think it’ll be easy to find someone who is about five years older than me.”

Kangin asserted, “She doesn’t have to be older than me. I’m attracted to someone who is smart, sensible, and will make a good wife. But I don’t think it’ll be easy to find a woman like that. Fortunately, I’m not considering marriage at the moment.”

This episode of MBN’s “Nationwide Domination” will air on December 27 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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151222 Super Junior Yesung’s first debut as an actor

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Super Junior Yesung

Yesung, a member of Super Junior succeeded in becoming an actor.

Ceci, a fashion magazine released his pictorial who made the first debut as an actor in a drama ‘Songgot’ broadcasted by JTBC.

The concept of the pictorial is ‘The REAL Yesung that nobody knew before’. Yesung showed his real image both as a main vocal of Super Junior and as a Hwang Jun Cheol who sells sea food in a Purmi supermarket.

While he performed as an actor in the drama, he refused having make up and hair styling to show realistic appearance of the character, Hwang Jun Cheol. However, in this photograph shoot, he appealed his attractive appearance as an idol. Especially he showed sexy smile on his chic face. After the shoot, we had an honest talk with him and he told us about his first debut as an actor.

We asked Yesung why he chose quite gloomy and serious drama ‘Song Got’ as his first debut and he showed his affection on the drama, answering that “The drama ‘Song Got’ was very straightforward because it revealed realistic story. I felt pressured since original was so great but i was so happy to work with the great drama. Also, i had many opportunities to learn.

The next question was what characters he want to act in the near future and he said that “I do not care if i perform a leading actor or a supporting role. I am satisfied with any good roles. There are so many characters that i want to challenge but to be honest i want to act a character that an actor Park Hae-il performed in the film ‘Memories of Murder’.

As Yesung said that he feels excited when he acts because he can get through a process of expressing others not himself, we expect to see him as an actor in many dramas.

You can have more look on Yesung’s photo cuts and interview in the January issue of ‘Ceci’.

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Congratulates Pia Wurtzbach on Becoming Miss Universe – From 151221

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Super Junior fans are hoping to see whether Siwon will respond to the discovery (made by the Twitterverse) that the 2015 Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines, was a huge fan of Super Junior, and Siwon in particular. But in his absence, at least one other Super Junior member has stepped up to plate to congratulate her. Although Siwon is currently on military leave, and therefore heavily restricted from using the Internet, his group mate Leeteuk posted a side-by-side photo of Pia wearing the bright blue gown and sapphire and blue topaz crown with which she was named Miss Universe, and an auditorium filled with Super Junior sapphire blue balloons.

Leeteuk wrote: Congratulations^^ #miss #universe I heard from the news that there was even the “happening” of announcing the wrong winner. But congratulations to you, an ELF who loves Super Junior, and especially loves Siwon. I also heard that your dress matched our color. I want to say congrats one more time!^^

Are you hoping that Siwon reaches out to the new Miss Universe?

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151219 SuJu’s Ryeowook Joining The List Of SM Entertainment Soloists in 2016

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151217 Super Junior’s Ryeowook Confirms Solo Debut in 2016

SM Entertainment has been releasing a slew of soloist this past year, and now, Kim RyeoWook is set to join his label mates with his own album.

SM has many great soloists that span across the years, but in August of 2014 they started releasing a bunch of new soloists starting with SHINee’s TaeMin, Super Junior’s ZhouMi and KyuHyun, then SHINee’s JongHyun, f(x)’s Amber, both YunHo and ChangMin of TVXQ, and Girls’ Generation’sTaeYeon.

Previously, Super Junior’s Henry release his own solo album back in 2013. He marked the first male soloist SM had in 13 years. Now in 2016, RyeoWook will be joining that roster.

RyeoWook is the second youngest member in Super Junior, and is part of two sub units: Super Junior – M and Super Junior – K.Y.R. He is also known for his extensive discography in original soundtrack songs and musical productions. In a recent interview with PlayDB, while he was speaking on his newest character of Christopher for the stage production of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,’ he spoke about working on his upcoming solo album along with the struggles of his first play.

Ryeowook told the interviewer that, “I want to show myself as the singer Ryeowook before I have to enlist next year, so I’m currently preparing for that. My album should be coming out soon, too. In the end, I just want to show whatever image I can on stage, whether that image be as a singer, as a variety talent, or as an actor. I really feel that it would be great if everyone could be happy because of me.

As a fan of all the groups from Super Junior, I definitely love RyeoWook’s vocals and look forward to his upcoming solo debut. Are you excited as well? Let us know.

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151219 Super Junior Eunhyuk and Donghae’s Most Awaited Reunion Since Enlistment Delights Fans!

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Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk,who is currently enlisted in the army, has spent his vacation with fellow band mate Donghae recently!

On his Instagram post on December 17th, Eunhyuk has written, “Yesterday. How long has it been? #FirstVacation #VisitLeeDonghaek”, and along with it attached a photo of them together posing for the camera with their infamous ‘V’ sign.

Both are seen bundled up in the photo as they enjoyed their time together in this cold winter season, and though the two has been serving in the army for quite some time now, their undying idol charms and close friendship can still be seen as each of them made it a point to see each other and gift their fans this most awaited proof of their reunion!

This is the first time since entering the military that fans got a glimpse of the duo again.

Eunhyuk is currently fulfilling active duty in the army outside of Seoul. On the other hand, Donghae is currently doing his duty as conscripted police in Seoul and is also seen doing public relations-related promotional events recently when he hosted the ‘Seoul Police Musical and Healing Concert’ early this December.

It’s really good to see these two together after such a long time. Fans around the world are all probably delighted to see this reunion too, right?

Officially KMusic brings you all the latest news in K-Pop, so stay tuned with us!

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151219 Super Junior’s Heechul Expected An Offer From Weekly Idol To Guest MC

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MBC Weekly Idol with MC Heechul [ENG SUB] – From 151216


MBC Every1’s comedy variety show, ‘Weekly Idol’ is known for their funny MCs, Defconn andDoni as they interview the hottest acts in K-Pop. Recently, Doni (Jeong HyeongDon) has suspended all his activities and is concentrating on his health. This has led to new MCs to fill in for Doni in a temporary position called “Don-sa-dol” or “Idol who loves Doni”.

In the first episode, SungKyu from Infinite interviewed VIXX as they promoted for ‘Chained Up’. This was hilarious because Leo and SungKyu are great friends outside of work and SungKyu had never seen TaekWoon in an interview; which we found out, is very different than this personality outside of the Leo persona.

Heechul, who is known to be a great television personality as well as being a huge stage presence for Super Junior and M&D, let it be known that when he heard of Doni’s absence, he expected an invite to be an MC. Being close friends with both men, he showed much pride when he appeared on the show next to hyung. In the show, Defconn says to Heechul, “I asked him to help out once,” to which Heechul responded with, “When the articles about Jung HyungDon hyung surfaced, I expected it to some extent. That someone′s going to contact me,”

Heechul also added, “I think Weekly Idol is an influential program. I heard it′s the best program for beginner fan boys/fan girls.

One of the great parts is that not only does Heechul have a huge personality, but his guests on the week he would be MCing also are known for their giant personalities, BTS. From the previews, you can see the crazy antics off all eight men when they are combined.

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Shares Sweet Snapshot With His Sister – From 151218

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It seems that Super Junior member Choi Siwon was able to spend some quality time with his family at the completion ceremony for his basic training.

Choi Siwon shared a photo of himself with an award he received for being an outstanding soldier on December 17. On the same day, his little sister Choi Ji Won posted a photo with him to her own Instagram account, writing the caption, “With my big brother.”

In the photo, it’s easy to see how much the two siblings look alike. In fact, they resemble each other so much that they almost could pass off as twins!

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon will serve the remainder of his mandatory military service as a conscripted police officer.

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151219 Super Junior′s Yesung Says He Learned a Lot from ′Drill′

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151218 CeCi Magazine January Issue with Yesung [Interview]

Super Junior′s Yesung Says He Learned a Lot from ′Drill′

In the accompanying interview, Yesung opened up acting for the first time.

On why he chose a dark and heavy drama like Drill as his first acting project, Yesung said, “Because Drillincludes a lot of real stories, it was rather straightforward. Although it was somewhat burdensome because the original is so brilliant, I was happy to have come across a good project. And I was able to learn a lot.”

When asked about what kinds of characters he wants to play in the futures, Yesung said, “Whether it′s a lead or supporting role, just a good role is enough. There are a lot of roles I want to try, but I want to try a role like Park Hae Il sunbaenim in Memories of Murder. Personally, I think a dark role suits me better than a bright role.”

Yesung′s spread and interview can be found in the January issue of CeCi.

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SM Entertainment Gives Super Junior Fans Update On Eunhyuk’s Military Enlistment – From 151217

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Fans of Super Junior can rest well knowing member Eunhyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae) is safe and well as he moves on to the next phase of his military enlistment.

A representative from Super Junior’s record label, SM Entertainment, recently gave an update on the star, who enlisted for his mandatory service on Oct. 13.

“Eunhyuk has completed five weeks of basic training with the 102nd Reserve Forces in Chuncheon, and will be stationed at the First Republic of Korea Army base in Wonju, Gangwon province,” said the representative, as reported by Soompi.

Eunhyuk will be discharged from the military on July 12, 2017.

Eunhyuk is one of many Super Junior members currently fulfilling their military obligation.

Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae are both preparing to serve as conscripted police officer for their mandatory service.

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Interview: K-Pop Superstar Choi Siwon of Super Junior – From 151215

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Interview: K-Pop Superstar Choi Siwon Of Super Junior On Action And Oscar Winners In Jackie Chan’s DRAGON BLADE

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, the legendary Jackie Chan has made headway into South Korea’s burgeoning Hallyu wave, with appearances on local television and even starting his own K-Pop group, JJCC.  For Jackie’s latest, Dragon Blade, he brought over friend and protégé, Choi Siwon, from K-Pop supergroup, Super Junior, to costar.

Completed before he enlisted for mandatory military service, here’s my email chat with Siwon, who tells of his adoration of Jackie, going head-to-head with Oscar winner, Adrien Brody, and the action benefits of K-Pop dance choreography.

The Lady Miz Diva:  Mr. Choi, how did the opportunity to participate in Dragon Blade come to you?

Choi Siwon:  During a Korean entertainment program shooting, I first met Jackie Chan and kept in touch since then.  One day, he recommended me to take a look at the script of Dragon Blade, which he already decided to appear in.  After reading the script, I could not hesitate to be a part of this fresh and interesting story with an excellent director and incredible cast.

LMD:  I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing director Andrew Lee before, and he is a very educated man who expects his actors to really give their all to their characters.  Did he ask you to do any special research into that time period or the Hun tribe?

CS:  Yes.  He wanted me to fully understand the historical period where the story takes place and the Hun tribe, as well, in order to really give life to the character, which held a key twist that changes the story in the movie.  As I completely agreed, I did some study before the actual shooting started.

LMD:  What was it like for you to have a fight scene against Oscar winner Adrien Brody?

CS:  It was a new and wonderful experience. We really spent a lot of time practicing for even short movements, and he was always very serious in every rehearsal as it was the actual filming, which really impressed me.

LMD:  Please talk about the construction of that fight scene? Did it all run smoothly with no accidents? Was it harder or easier than Super Junior’s dance choreographies?

CS:  I did some personal training beforehand and the whole team including the director, the cast, and all staff did several rehearsals, so even small actions could be shown beautifully in the screen.  Because of those efforts everyone put in, there were no injuries.

I would carefully say that since action in movies and performances on stage are somewhat similar in a way, because both expresses something through body movements, and maybe that is why I was able to pick up the actions in the movie quickly, but Super Junior’s dance choreography is still more easy to me. Haha

LMD:  Please talk about your friendship with Mr. Jackie Chan?  He seems to have adopted you.  How did you become friends with him?  What is the most important thing you’ve learned from him and what quality about him would like you like to emulate in your own life?

CS:  As I mentioned above, I first met him during a shooting of a Korean entertainment program, and thankfully, he was very kind from the beginning and treated me comfortably.  That becoming the opportunity, we kept in touch and were able to build closer friendship through shooting the movie, Dragon Blade.

Watching him in a close range, his thoughts for the environment and the next generation truly impressed me.  He is somebody who always thinks about how the results coming from his choices will affect the environment and next generation, and tries to be more careful making the decisions, which I personally think is very wonderful.  Also, how can I not admire his endless passion toward his work!

LMD:  Have you become more interested in martial arts because of him?  What are some of your favourite films of his?

CS:  Of course!  I think everybody once has thought about learning martial arts as a kid by watching his movies. My favorite film is Rush Hour, which captivated many audiences with incredible action and great humor through charming characters.

LMD:  Mr. Chan knows every aspect of filmmaking.  Has he inspired you to perhaps look beyond acting to other aspects of production, like writing or directing?

CS:  He always appears at the site and checks all parts of the site thoroughly by going over not only his, but also others’ movements.  I think this comes from taking the overall story and production in consideration, and not just focusing on his lines or acting.  These actions of him inspired all the cast, including myself, since it is important for all parts to come together in harmony in order to produce a good movie.

LMD:  Can you please talk about how acting in films has affected your performance with Super Junior, or conversely how performing on stage with Super Junior has affected your movie acting? Does one benefit from the experience of the other?

CS:  I think the two fields are different but similar.  Singers and actors both express and try to deliver every part of the song or movie to the audience by stage performance or acting the character.  There is a connection between the two that cannot be put into words, which makes it hard to explain, but, yes, my experience from both fields have definitely helped me.

LMD:  You’ve made a number of dramas in Korea and you’re filming features in China.  Is there a difference in the process of making a production between those two countries?

CS:  Compared to movie productions, drama productions is a longer term project that becomes a whole completed by cumulating one episode after another, which requires me to continuously carry on the emotions of the character for a longer period.  On the other hand, movie productions are done within a shorter period (although it depends on piece) through great focus and immersion to complete the overall big story.  But these slight differences only come from the difference in genre and story-telling method, the production process between Korea and China are similar.

LMD:  You actually speak some English in Dragon Blade, which surprised me.  Can we look forward to an English-language film from Choi Siwon sometime?

CS:  Who knows?  Maybe someday once I have the opportunity.

DRAGON BLADE comes to Home Video on December 14th.

This interview is cross-posted on my own site, The Diva Review. Please enjoy additional exclusive content there.

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