140917 Yesung and Zhoumi at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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Yesung is wearing same clothes as shown on Jongjin’s IG. Few days ago he wasn’t wearing a belt, but today he is wearing it (few days ago, fan saw him been lifting his pants up).
When he came, there were a group of fans going to order. Yesung passed behind the fans quietly, and they got shocked. Yesung half squinted at the counter next to them XD
Now Jongjin, Yesung & his friends sat at the balcony.

Zhoumi came to Mouse Rabbit. He is wearing a red plaid shirt, black pants, wearing his cap turned way around. Yesung and Jongjin are sitting with Zhoumi, YS other friends might leave already.
Just now, Yesung went to the counter and took a drink then gave it to Zhoumi.
Fan gave Yesung a candy and he said “Thank you~”. Seems like he is in a good mood.

Yesung, Zhoumi & Jongjin have been chatting for a long time. They keep laughing all the time, and still laughing, quite loud. Just now, the fried chicken restaurant next Mobit played MAMACITA. Yesung was singing along a bit. Jongjin cleaned up the table and went back to the counter, meanwhile Zhoumi and Yesung continued chatting at the balcony.

Yesung was talking about something that they (JJ & ZM?) don’t know, He seems imitated the sound, it was like “Wu! Wu! Wu!” (?? lol)
Just now, Yesung, Zhoumi & Jongjin took a pic with self-timer. These people really chat a lot tonight and often laughed out loud.

Source: China_In_Yesung
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Meeting Zhou Mi [Fan Account] – From 140813

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A fan met Zhou Mi outside walking today, he was walking with headphones so he didn’t hear her when she called his name so she ran up to him and said ‘long time no see, do you remember me?’ and he said ‘yeah yeah I signed for you that time’. They chatted togather for a long time and he put his umbrella over her head and said ‘it’s raining, is it ok?’ and she said ‘yeah I’m fine’. He asked her to hurry back home and she touched his arm and it was cold so she said ‘don’t get cold to him’ because he was only wearing a singlet.

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140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fan Accounts]

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140812 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon [Fancams!]

Chocolat Bonbon – I went in and ordered a drink and bought a chocolate chip cookie! He wasn’t taking any orders :( Since there’s so many people inside, the drinks came kind of slowly. He took this chance to talk with fans ^^
There were many Chinese fans and they asked him if he is okay speaking Chinese and he was like “ke yi (I can)” and they spoke with him in Chinese. I was waiting for my drink and he was finishing his conversation with another fan and he was just kind of looking around. My friend Yoojin had given him a present so I wanted to give him something too but I didn’t have anything except for my cookie, so I decided to give him my cookie….

me: oppa, do you want to eat a cookie? (In korean)
Hj: sure! /takes cookie thank you~
Me: …….
Hj: ……
Me: ….I’m an American fan
Hj: ah~ ………
Me: nice to meet you!!! /laughs (in english)
Hj: akfkskkflsdlskjv (idk what he said hahaha)
Me: Your english is good~
Hj: ah no no no no (LOL)


Me : oppa will u come to Indonesia?
Hyuk : Jakarta? ss6
Me : yes for ss6!
Hyuk : yeah we will go to Jkt for ss6!

Me : oppa tomorrow i have exam but i haven’t studied.
Hyuk : Exam? you haven’t studied?
Me: yes.
Hyuk : then Hwaiting (using both his hands) ♥♥♥


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140629 Lotte Duty Fanmeet with Super Junior [Fan Account]

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Compilation: 140629 Lotte Duty Fanmeet with Super Junior

Lotte FM started with Mr simple ^^
Sorry sorry
All the fan bases are sitting really far though… No one brought dslr? Haha
Donghae poked Eunhyuk’s chest
Heechul danced wrongly during Mr Simple and laughed at himself

Question: is there any member who is very loyal?

Eunhyuk: none because our relationship has exceeded that of loyalty… It’s love!
Heechul: I have
Donghae said Kangin looks like a real man

Heechul wiped his saliva on Sungmin

Question: do they envy any body parts of other members?

Ryeowook envies Eunhyuk
Heechul envies Sungmin’s big butt
Kyuhyun envies Donghae’s big eyes and said Donghae is pretty

Question: do I have a special interest now?

Heechul raised ‘x’ (no) and everyone went “aiiiii”

Donghae said he started liking photography this year

Question: is there something i am especially persistent abt?

Members teased siwon. Kyuhyun said Siwon is persistent about his sister. Eunhyuk said Siwon had also asked about his sister before too. Kangin said Siwon even asked about his aunt. Kyuhyun asked Siwon if he was just fooling around with his sister XD

Shindong is envious of Sungmin’s butt and feet becuz Sungmin has small feet. Small feet can wear many pretty shoes..

Eunhyuk has never learnt on his own,always asked others, kept asking and doesnt know how to use SNS and computer. Shindong is better at that. Eunhyuk: So i always don’t know and members dont teach me.

Kangin must check on what other members are goinf when he gets home. Heechul keeps touching Sungmin’s face, body , chin and tummy

Sungmin is persistent about noodles. He will shiver when he sees noodles ..

Shindong learnt composing with Eunhyuk 5 years ago. EH didnt know how to pay online or via TV so SD paid. SD said he hopes EH pay back soon.

Heechul said Eunhyuk ate his egg 8 years ago

Siwon kept asking Kyuhyun for his sister but Kyu rejected cuz he felt SW is his sister is not good enough for SW

Heechul said Eunhyuk took his clothes 12 years ago, ate his egg in kimchi fried rice 8 years ago and 2 years ago

EH said he will buy HC earphones but nv did. EH then said he will buy 1 at Lotte Duty Free

They sang Daydream and You&I

Kyuhyun and Sungmin are the only 2 who keep fanning themselves with a fan

Question: Any member here that makes you disappointed?

Shindong: Yes. I paid for eunhyuk’s online payment 5 years ago. I hope he will pay me back soon
Heechul: 8 years ago eunhyuk ate my fried egg

Source: 滚妹是颗双黄蛋_, 守候only13团站, PaMongMi_SJForever
Linda_Z_小枝 & SJ-M咨询台
Translated by: Elfninida @elf_ninida & ELFISHics @ELFISHics
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140607 Yesung at WhyStyle [Fan Account]

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Fan paid twice. First time she asked for a handshake from Yesung but he rejected her and pointed his finger at Jongjin instead, so she shook hand with Jongjin. He shook hand with her after though.

Second time when she paid, Yesung was doing his own thing, staff asked her if she was going to Mobit afterward.

When Yesung was leaving, everyone said bye to him. Fan was brave enough to reach out her hand, so she got a handshake from him again.

Source: 静静静_鸭鸭xi
Translated by:  
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140605 Eunhyuk at Tous Les Jours [Fan Accounts]

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When i show this picture, hyuk laughed so hard n he said all of them is He… I only can laughed n said yes


Source: ochimamiki

Me: Hi~
Hyuk: Hi!
– How are you?
– Fine!
– How was your day?
– ehm….. today?
– Yes…
– Work!
– ….ehrm ok.
– Your new album, when is it coming out?
– eh? Embum?
– Album? With Donghae?
– Ah, movie
– Movie????
– Music Video… music video
– when?
– ehmm…. july? July? Or august?
– Isnt it that sj album?
– ehm…

/got rushed

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Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account] – From 140525-29

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May 25, 2014

For the love of Yesung and all clouds!

Encounter 1:

We decided to visit MouseRabit on the 25th. I was accompanied by a friend who pretty much knows everything around there.
Yesung is my ultimate bias and will always be! I was so nervous and don’t know what to do. When we arrived around 4pm in the afternoon, on the counter was three girls doing their respective works and no sign of yeye.
We ordered and waited for him, then suddenly Yesung’s mother appeared on the 2nd floor. We approached her, hoping to take a picture and she said we can, but on the 1st floor since she’s still doing something. On our excitement, and thinking yesung might also be there, we forgot until we realized it’s late. Since it’s very late, and we are getting hungry, we left. ><
We eventually went home and around 7:30, my friend messaged that Yesung is there! WIthout a 2nd thought, we met up and rushed back. (Good thing I’m staying on a nearby station.)
Unlike our first arrival, it was filled with customers (fans maybe?) and I was like “dang…”
We entered and lined up…YESUNG was at the counter! Too much for my eyes, I bowed down and spazzed with my friend. CRAP!
It kinda made me feel awkward about how everyone stared at me, well realizing that I am the only guy there and probably the tallest.
WHAT’s astonishing is that Yesung kept looking at me with a face like… “What the crap-who’s that?!?” with his sharp eyes! while taking orders Not only once, twice but I think more than five!
For Jongjin’s fans out there, he’s adorable. He looked at me while on line, and then after a second, he quickly looked again with a “?” face. HAHAHA They are really brothers.
Finally on our turn, my friend ordered first and I got stunned. Jongjin knows her fortunately and they greeted each other.
Okay definitely I lost in a second. I just told him my orders using nihongo and felt like I have to end it soon. (It’s like, holy crap, Yesung is in front of me. He looked tired though.) Having nothing at all to say and Yesung just on idle like “errr” hahaha My friend pushed me to talk to him and introduce myself, while we have the precious time. SO yes:
Yukito: Ah, Hajimemashite, boku wa Yesung no dai ichi fan desu! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! (It’s nice meeting you, I am a great fan of you!)
Yesung: Ohhhhhhhhhhh! (Jepenese)… lol Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
Arigatougozaimasu! (With a funny tune.)
*Shakes hands*
Wait… His hands felt like it’s only half of mine!!! Kidding, but yes, it’s really small! WAIT?!? I SHOOK HANDS WITH HIM!
Okay I needed to breath so after the usual “bow” farewell, I quickly left to find a seat not noticing that Jongjin was calling out my attention. (Good thing my friend comes to save me again.)
Jongjin: “!”#$%&'())(‘& “#$%&'() #$%&'()”
Yukito: Ohh… (clueless, you see, I may look like I belong but I don’t speak korean, JUST yet. XD)
My friend quickly said that he says: “Blue berry cheese cake is not available.”
(Then she recommended the rice cake thingy which really tasted good.)
After, we decided to have our seat at the ground floor. (Which is really nice~) We spazzed there and spazzed… and talked and updated…. and spazzed again. “Fanboy moment!”

Encounter 2: May 28, 2014

Who would have thought, he will be there again. WITH EXO’s Luhan.
We saw him, luhan and his friends seating outside the balcony with a barricade on the side. That time, I was again with my friend, and three others coming from Europe. They are not kpop fans though and just wanted to have a coffee or tea. We lined up to buy some drinks noticing one of them was gone. The other told that she came out to find a seat on the balcony. (WAIT WHAT?!?)
Since they don’t pretty much know what’s happening, and I’m sure there’s no more seat outside, I tried to follow my friend to call her. SUDDENLY, just before I touch the door, IT OPENED.
Yesung came in, (like CRAP!) I was near to bump with him but I quickly evaded.(Oh, we have the same height!~) He seemed to be in a hurry and bowed.(Well who wouldn’t with all the fans surrounding you.) Just when I thought I can go outside, Luhan and yeye’s friend came in. (Oh crap, again) (Yehey! I am taller than him!)
Without any delays, I went on the balcony and saw my friend sitting comfortably… on…
where yesung, luhan and his friend was.
Austrian friend: What took you so long?
Me and friend: Wait, I think we are not allowed here, how did yo get this seat?
Austrian friend: When they stood up, I asked if the seats are available and they gave it to me. They even seemed to be talking about business since they were holding eyeglasses/sung glasses. (Why Style maybe.) Come on seat down.
Me and friend: But….
*Jongjin suddenly comes and fixes the table for us*
Me and friend: @.@
Austrian friend: See?
So in short, I was sitting at Yesung’s chair and my friend got Luhan’s. (Ugh…)

Encounter 3: May 29, 2014

So we returned for the last time just to take a picture outside. It was late at night. I took off my eyeglasses to get the picture done. After we returned home. WAIT… I FORGOT MY EYEGLASSES. I came back at Mouse Rabbit around 11pm. I wore my glasses and saw someone on the balcony (At yesung’s seat) wearing stripe white long sleeves shirt and a fabulous hat. (lol) No one was actually there at that time and thought it might be someone. He was busy with his phone, taking selcas maybe. When he looked at my way, l quickly pretended that I’m busy too with my phone and left. A moment after looking some twitter updates, the guy was actually him. CRAP!

Ugh… Yesung is just awesome!
Make some noise~

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140521 MBC Show Champion with MC Kangin [Fan Account]

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One fan was like “Kangin oppa!!” and Kangin asked if he’s really an oppa to her.ㅋㅋㅋ

(SJ) fans were screaming and stuff (for Kangin), so I guess some guys (boy fans) said something about it. Kangin said “Why are you being like that to my fans?” and cheered for himself like “Kangin oppa!” and scolded him. Then later, he cheered for the girl idol that the guy liked.

There was a sign “Our family Kangin”, and Kangin kept giving us a quiz. “Do you know what that is?”
The answer was that he filmed “A celebrity is living in our house” show

I was talking with my friend about how oppa looked really… dark… and he caught us.
He said “Yep. I have gotten tan these days.”
I said “You were a bit whiter last week though… Is the sun(light) too.. strong?”
and he said if he puts on whiter makeup, it would look different to his neck (‘s color)
I said “It’s okay since you’re handsome” and he replied “Yup” and was very proud ㅋㅋㅋ

We asked “are you tired?” and he replied “yes” and pretended to be falling asleep ㅋㅋ he said he only slept for 2 hours, and that he made food (for the host family he’s staying with for the show).

I said “I hope SJ comes on ShowChamp soon.” and he replied “me too”

-While listening to Jung Gi Go
Kangin kept trying to convince us that the song is good. “Isn’t the song good? It’s good. It’s nice.”

I asked again “are you tired?” and he kept complaining and said he wants to sleep. So I said “Oppa, you are like a sleepy baby~” and he replied “31 years old baby ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

He asked “Did you guys eat?”
We replied “No”
He said “Aigo, you should eat.” (but it was somewhat funny)
Then he continued “It’s hot outside right?” Then he said “Well you should endure it.” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When he was going home, I said “Since you’re tired, hurry up and go rest~” and he said he can’t because he has a schedule. Ah…

Source: 0621Lucy
Translated by: NKsubs @NKsubs

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140515 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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When I first came he was already there but wasn’t taking order. Just reading a comic while biting his nails. He has a simple tshirt on with a purple scarf around his neck. I ordered something and just went upstairs.

When I came down with the empty cup, he just started taking orders. The line suddenly got long. Lol I got in line and when it’s my turn, I gave him my card to draw and ordered the free drink. While he was drawing, he also said something in Japanese to me. I was like ??? Then he pointed at a direction near the pick up spot and repeated the phrase again. I then realized he probably was asking if I was with someone. Lol so I just shook my head. He then has this confused look like ‘how could I have guessed it wrong?’ LOL and at the end he also said ‘arigato’ to me.

I will let him know again next time I am Chinese. XD

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140513 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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When I came in I thought he wasn’t here because he was sitting at the corner behind the counter reading comics. But later when we had realized he is here, my friend and I went down to order.

He looked up from his comic book and saw the gift bag I got for him from Macau, he immediately broke into a bright smile and said ‘Xie xie’ to me and took it. And I realized I got to order because he was looking at me. Lol. I quickly said ‘Hot vanilla latte’ in English which is the first thing I can think of at that moment, but he said ‘what?’ to me, so I repeated it again. And he put his finger behind his ear and turn it toward me, then ‘what?’ Again. Lol. So I repeated it again slowly and much louder this time. He got it this time! Yeah! Lol And he said ‘xie xie'(thanks in Chinese) again after that.

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140511 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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My friend ordered after me. She was so nervous that she forgot everything she had prepared to say to him. She ordered the drink and just looking at her own hands until my other friend remind her to pay. Lol And she reached out her hand for a hand shake, Yemom happened to pass by. Then Yesung asked my friend with a serious face that if he was asking a handshake from Yemom. My friend was so panicked and couldn’t understand what he was saying, so she turned toward us with a super red face looking for help. That’s when Yesung shook her hand! Lol

Naughty Yeye! She is still super shaky right now from the encounter. Lol

at Mobit – I ordered an iced strawberry latte the second time. He was looking down when I reached out my hand for a handshake…. And when he looked up, he looked me in the eyes and said no. I was frozen like what to do. And after a long pause, at least to me, he suddenly smile so brightly and shook my hand! So warm and small…. Omg my weak heart was in a roller coaster!!! Why you do this to me Kim Jong Woon!

@vicky13zi saw him grabbing his bag and thought he was leaving. She almost said 잘 가 to him until she saw him want to meet Leo behind the screen. Since he didn’t have any hand to open the door, he just kicked it open. You should value your own things, you know? Lol

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140409 MBC ‘Real Men’ Filming with Henry in Leyte (Philippines) [Fan Account]

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Compilation: MBC ‘Real Men’ with Henry (with ENG SUBS)

Met the Real Men Cast. One word: DAEBAK!
Gawd the feels being next to a Korean idol OTL
JeongMyung is really handsome while everyone had their attention on Henry and Hyungsik I was looking at him and said take care and he smile.
my feels is still with Henry, Hyungsik, and JeongMyung.
I’m the only one here fangirling over the real men in tacloban lol
Me: Henry she still has an exam this afternoon pls wish her good luck! *points my friend*
Henry: GO STUDY! *pats her shoulder*
Henry: do you live here?
Us: yes, were also victims of typhoon yolanda.
Henry: were here to help u don’t worry we’ll try to come back.
Henry is a man of his words when we asked him for pictures and he mouthed later to my friend. He really called us and took the photos.

Source: koryanoh
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140508 Heestory – About Super Junior’s New Album [Fan Account]

May 8, 2014 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Fan Accounts, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

fan told heejin that she went (to heestory) bc she likes Heechul, and HeeJin said“ah SJ hasnt released an album (recently) so there aren`t many right now.” and told the fan to come back `in August when SJ has their comeback`

Source: HaNNyungB
Translated by: NKsubs
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