Donghae in Seoul [2P + Fan Account] – From 150510

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150418 MBC ‘Music Core’ Recording with M&D [Fan Account]

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Did 3 takes for M&D today :) Heenim/Jungmo were super cuteeee T_T

Heenim did the heart with his fingers again near the end of each take ㅎㅎㅎ

At the beg. of 2nd and 3rd take we screamed and Hee put his hand to his ear like to hear us ㅋㅋㅋ we screamed louderㅋㅋ

Before 3rd take jungmo came on stage earlier than heenim, he was talking and then heenim came on and jungmo talked a bit about hee

Then heenim “kicked” jungmo ㅋㅋㅋ and then hee went in front of the mic and said “i don’t have a good relation w/ this guy” and jungmo kicked him backㅋㅋㅋ thrn they kept kicking each other until PD said to record ㅋㅋㅋ

Heenim asked if we ate ㅋㅋwe were like no but…he’s not as nice as hyuk abt it XD when he left he said hurry go eat ㅋㅋ


took three takes today, after every take heenim asked whether it’s end of work

after every take heenim went to touch up his make up while jungmo entertained us.

aft second take during break jungmo stood at heenim’s mic stand but it’s was too short so he had to spread his legs wider

aft HC came back he kneed jungmo to move away. jungmo secretly stood beside HC n signaled to fans that his leg is at HC’s waist Lol

before first take heenim said he saw the coffee tab M&D support and thanked fans for it

oh yeah! heenim kept saying ” ah why so I look so pretty” today during recording breaks lol

and heenim told us that the waiting room at mbc is reallyyyyyy nice


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150417 Heechul and Leeteuk at KBS Music Bank Recording [Fan Account]

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M&D support banners! :)

leeteuk came to watch the recordings!!! ♡♡♡ he was already wearing his MCing clothes and his hair is 5:5 again -.-

during breaks heenim would go down and flirt- I MEAN TALK to teuk a bit and drink water x)

Heenim said “today the MC is leeteuk!” And people screamed and he said “83” ♡♡♡♡♡♡

In 1st take(?) Heenim was humming jungmo’s guitar part ㅋㅋ

Heenim made the little heart with his fingers near thr endㅋㅋㅋ

Heenim said fansign next week!!! *-*

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150407 Donghae at Grill 5 Taco [Fan Account + 1P]

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Donghae caME GRILL5

Donghae came to talk to donghwa for awhile and left lol

They looked like they were in a serious discussion so we didn’t go over to get a signature

oh yeah and he drove here HEHEHEHEHEHEHE driver Hae XDDD

Seriously still shaking LOL we were the only two left in the restaurant then he came

he kept pushing back his fringe so handsome sobs sobs he was make up-less and hair not styled but still so good looking unfffff


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150323 Siwon on the plane [Fan Account]

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Super Junior Member Having Dinner with Shindong [Fan Account] – From 150322

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150319 Super Junior D&E at Mnet M! Countdown Recording [Fan Account]

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Gosh this record was so short…

I was facing where eunhae was watching their rehearsal so I could see donghae pretty well

DongHae spotted me immediately and waved woth energy before starting to play hide and seek xD seriously how old are you

Then finally eunhae came out in front of fans. EunHyuk was really gorgeous in that black outfit that I shouted “oh my god”

EunHyuk heard my “oh my god” and repeated 2 or 3 times… don’t make fun of me yah!

Then they started filming the ment for tv and they said their fans was here and showed us to the camera

Then hyuk explained difference between asian fans (hidding their face) and western fans (waving) in front of camera

Then hyuk made the camera filmed us one more time

Then eunhae went on stage for record. We had only one this morning ㅠㅠ

At the end of the record, eunhae went to check their performance and went back to tell us it was over

Then they said thx and good bye to us, waved a lot (I love the thank you frol donghae and goodbye from eunhyuk looking straight in my eyes)

Hyuk hidding his face to imitate asian fans was so cute ♡♡♡

Always so thankful to sj boys for those memories they give

Cause we were complaining the record was short, they made us do chouki dance and sent is outside kkk


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150318 Super Junior D&E Recording for MBC Show Champion [Fan Account]

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hyukjae went near the fans and held his mic with the stand and fans sang growing pains chorus

donghae asked if we went to the concert coz he saw the SS6 Lightsticks..either hyuk or hae said it breaks easily and a fan told Donghae that he broke 2. Donghae said sssh?

eunhae’s hair during can you feel it is soooooo cute!!

donghae had this small pigtails on his head ㅠㅠ idk how to call it lol

there is a part where Hyuk had to sit on the 2 dancers and after that eunhae will do this👉👈

while Hyuk is doing his solo dance~ Hae is sitting behind him doing the chokiwa hand sign lol

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150317 Kyuhyun at MOM House [Fan Account+1P]

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150317 Fanaccount of kyuhyun at momhouse : I went for a walk around myeongdong and when i came back i saw his parents..and his dad came out to greet us at the lift and i tried to ask for a pic with his dad but suddenly he pointed inside and said “kyuhyun” and i was like “KYUHYUN?!” I went inside the cafe and there he was signing for some fans at the counter..apparently he came to buy a coffee..i freaked out and when i managed to remember to get a sign or take photos of him he already wanted to i just called his name several times and he turned back and faced us while covering his face with his hand because no make up lol…he went up with the elevator first tho maybe collecting the fans letters then after a few mins of waiting for him from inside the cafe suddenly his mum told us he’s already at the exit door…again i didnt manage to take photos =,= and then we just said bye to him while he was reversing his audi with his window down…and then he left.


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150316 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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150316 Mobit – I don’t really have a fan account because I was freaking out and I tried to act cool but my hands kept shaking. I couldn’t remember how to speak any words in korean so all I said was 안녕하세요? He smiled and said it back to me and I melted inside and left… lol Me and @dinoteuk came not really expecting him to be here I was more upset when I didn’t see yemum or yedad and so I was finishing up decorating one of my old Mobit cards and then yeye and yedad comes into Mobit and dhsidvsksh!??! so I wrote HELLO really ugly on the card and stood in line… haha at least I got a “Hi-♡” in return kkkkk. K that’s all… hopefully I will find the courage to actually say something else to him later… lol sorry for the lame fan account :p

Oh for anyone wondering Yesung is hearing a khaki trench coat(?) with a beanie and glasses.. cute cute cute

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150308 Donghae and Eunhyuk at SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Recording [Fan Account]

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Hyuk: “you guys only skip meals on pre-recordings right? Usually eat… a lot?”

Hyuk started saying oioiioioiii (that donghae mocking sound-_-) and everyone started following him haha we had a weird conversation ._.

Hyuk : “why you guys make fun of donghae?!” …..But you started it ._.

The DNE shouting fanchant was a bit off for rehearsal, so donghae burst in laughter ㅋㅋㅋ he and hyuk couldnt

stop laughing and after rehearsal ended hyuk and hae shouted “dont do that!! Are you guys here to play??? Dont do that fanchant!!”

But then for 1st recording theh came back on stage and said “the fanchant was good, keep doing it” Lol

But actually, we were suppose to do the D N E shouting fanchant yesterday for mucore but it got canceled..

so everyone really wanted to do it we just needed practice

Hyuk said maybe an sj member will come today, maybe not. He doesnt know exactly because its only business relationship haha

D&E were already on stage and fans were still coming inside. Hyuk said “Walk in 1 line and sit down quickly~ keep order~”

When they were one stage, everyone asked if he was okay. He said “everyone get out, i want to be alone” xDDD

Asked if they ate, hae said hyuk couldnt eat because he fell ㅋㅋ

For the recording of next week, hae’s hair was up and his outfit was a very pretty sky blue outfit♥♥♥♥


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150307 Super Junior D&E Recording for MBC Music Core [Fan Account]

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Lol Hyuk asked if we ate and after we said no he said that wook would buy us food and told us to say “Ryeowook oppa I will eat well”

Hyukjae was so adorable one part he was blabbin on the mike and he was like elf are so pretty like shyly assd cute

When Donghae tried to say his goodbye at the end his voice was like all weird and everyone laughed haha

Hyukjae thanked us for coming early and asked if we slept at all so we said no and then he was like aigo and you cannt sleep tomorrow also

Then Donghae said we should go home quickly so we can sleep but we were like we are going live

They also asked if our throat ached cause screaming haha


Hae: *says something with deep voice* Fans: oooooo~ sexy!!!! Hyuk: *imitates Hae* Fans: /laughs

After 2 rounds of recording Hyuk: Still couldn’t catch the chants? Fans: Yes.. HJ: o.o Fans: It changed ! HJ: oh.. Then just go by guts 😂

But after few rounds of practice we nailed the fanchants eventually hehehehe ^^bbbb

Hyuk trolls fans again today Fans on 1st floor: Have you eaten? Hyuk: what? Fans: *repeat Hyuk: what did you say?

Hyuk looks blank so Fans in front: They asked have you eaten? Eat. Eaaat. Food. Fooood. Have you eaten?

A fan said to donghae “don’t you want to shorten it (the mic stand) a bit” but he smiled and made the OK sign with his hand kkkkk

Hyuk was simply standing Fans: handsome~~ Hyuk: kamsahamnidang~~~ (whisper voice) Fans: /compliments Hyuk: kamsa kamsa (whisper voice)

After finished recording, Hyuk greeting the fan and almost forgetting the show they are doing so fans went “Music Core~ “Tomorrow Inki!”

So he flushed again hahaha

Hyuk asked “will you come tomorrow?” Fans: yes!! Hyuk: all of you? Fans: yes!!!

Hae told ELF to go home safely Fans: Cannot!! We’ll go live show later!! Hyuk: /looks proud/ good! See you later at live then!

Ah! After fans showered Hyuk with compliments and he thanking us with aegyos he also cutely said “ELF are pretty too~❤️” hahahhaha


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Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account] – From 150222

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Yesung arrived at Mouse Rabbit at about 2.30pm KST, wearing all black, leopard-printed coat, jeans, black-white polka dot shoes, with sunglasses, went to balcony and played with his phone, left to eat at about 3pm, has already come back now~

Source: China_in_Yesung_金钟云专属站
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