2ND Anniversary !!!!!

May 30, 2011 at 9:49 pm | Posted in Birthdays, ELF, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 45 Comments

I CANNOT believe I actually forgot that is was the 2nd anniversary of the creation of this blog yesterday (May 29th)~~!!!! AHHHH.. Hasn’t this blog came a loooooooooooong way?! the things that happened this year WOW. & I’m just taking about what happened to the blog. ( I GOT MY WORDPRESS BACK!!!!!! (^___^) PLEASE READ! . … ARPIL FOOLS.. did you FALL FOR IT? did you believe I was 4NIA?) anyways Wow I never thought it’d get this big, I’ve said this time & time again but I’m not kidding.. ! time FLIES when your posting fun things.. in this case about SUPERRR JUNIOR. right now it is an awesome day to acknowledge how awesome it is to have readers like you’ll ELF.

I feel so content with the way everything is right now, in general just the way everything is the way it is.. Also DEFINATELY with the sup3rjunior team (teukeyelf101586hyukk13StarKarz PhoebeLF90Melody_Choreneee107sapphireblueavfhamatulloh2regina1frisss___ ) You know having our own subbing team, translators, uploaders, graphics designer etc is pretty damn cool.. ~~!

I am glad that you guys the readers let me/us express ourselves too when it comes to Super Junior ! Thank you for all the wonderful comments here at the wordpress, mentions on twitter &  likeys at facebook. Please CONTINUE to support us, we are everlasting friends ~~!

I do sometimes try to think about what life would be like without posting about Super Junior. All I can come up with is a boring, peaceful life. (HAHAHAHA)

I do have the intention of improving this blog, so more on this soon. I shall end this post by saying

Two years down, and many more to go!
Happy 2nd anniversary is EVERLASTING.

p.s. ^^ that’s not me, wakakaka.. I just BLEED sapphire blue, that’s all
Image Credit: Candyskyshop @ multiply


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    I’ve been your loyal reader for around…. 10 months? ㅋㅋㅋ
    I can’t describe with words how happy i am to be part of the sup3rjunior team now *2 months so far yayy!!!* its the best thing ever ^^
    Thank you to uksujusid for making this awesome blog, and thank you for all sup3rjunior team ^______^ is EVERLASTING woot~~!!!

  2. WHOA~~~~~~~ 2 years have gone by SO FAST!! lol ^^ I remember when I first bookmarked this site lol ^^ in…early June last year lol ^_^ and then I became an author and it was just AWESOME!! lol ^^

    I’ve NEVER seen ANYONE as dedicated as you about posting :) I’ve worked with A LOT of other Super Junior sites, but this one is BY FAR the best one <3 <3 <3

    SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM WILL CONTINUE ON FOREVER~~~~~~~~~ cause ELFs will always be there to help and support it <3
    hehe~ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AND MANY MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary! thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us!
    btw, whoever that girl in the photo is, she is cute and pretty!

  4. Congratulations!!!!! Thank you for all the hard work & I hope you will continue for years & years!!! Don’t forget that with this blog we come a little bit closer to our SuJu bbs!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! From a Spanish ELF (Sorry for my bad english!)

  5. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY! you and your team are awesome!

    I’m really glad I found this uuuber awesome SuJu blog.
    It rekindles ELF’s love all over the world for the boys everytime we visit this.
    I don’t know where I’ll find all my daily dose of Super Junior had I not found this little piece of heaven.

  7. Happy 2nd anniversary~~ feel so lucky to be part of this blog <3. and thank you so much for making this blog Sid, you're awesome \m/

  8. Happy 2nd anniversary

    I’m really fan for this site the first site I open in the morning kekeke I just want to thank you for your hard working all of you and keep it up

  9. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY ^___________^ I’m afan for this site .. in mine this site is the best ,you’re all awesome any new news and photo ican fine it here thank you very much for hard working =)
    form Arab ELF (Saudi ELF )

  10. WoooooooooooW ooh yeah two years down, and many more to go!
    Happy 2nd anniversary

    i wouls like to thank every person that help us to know more about Super Junior .. yuo are really the best..

    Thanks a lot for your hard work ..

  11. Oh, Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!! I really want to thank you and your team for making this blog so awesome :-D

    I really don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have this blog, haha. I’m so glad for all of your hard work and dedication! Thank you very much.

    I want to say a lot more, but I won’t want to make this boring, lol.

    I hope this blog goes on for many more years :-) and becomes even more popular.

  12. CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!
    i’m happy for u and all the other staff
    I really appreciate the work u done even though i only joined a year ago. Keep up the good job!! FIGHTING!!! E.L.F till the end :) SUJU 4 ever

  13. CONGRATULATIONS….and thanks for maintaining this site so well… makes me feel closer to elfs and super junior…>o<

  14. Chugha haeyo! Happy 2nd Anniversary ! [©…©]…


  16. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  17. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

    i aLways read this bLog everyday,, my breakfast, Lunch, and dinner..
    Hope you guys wiLL maintaining this bLog very weLL so we’re ELF around d’worLd can foLLow the Latest news about our boys..
    Thank you so much for aLL your hardworks!

    Sup3rjunior Team jjang!

  18. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH UNNIES FOR MAKING THIS WORDPRESS SO SO AWESOME. I’ve been reading this wordpress for about a year now. And I’m really so thankful for all these news, photos, twitter translations etc cuz I don’t live in Korea to know so much about the boys:) I live in Singapore by the way:)

  19. happy second anniversary!!! haha it’s only a few days after kyu’s (and SHINee’s, too) debut X) many times i’ve wondered how can one person (but i guess the team has grew over time, hehe) can be so dedicated to spreading the fandom without getting tired or quitting… your motivation and love for suju is quite apparent and inspiring, so keep up the good work and again congrats~!!! you (guys) deserve all the recognition and more. who knows, maybe someday someone with connections to suju themselves will discover this wordpress and show it to them o_O haha just fun thinking. unni hwaiting!!!

  20. saengil chukaeyo…i wish the wordpress will lasting forever…kekeke…thank you for all the info and pict super junior… i really2 gratefull… i love you sid…hwaiting and daebak….


  22. Congrats..
    Thanks a lot for your efforts ^^

  23. Happy anniversary..congratulation to Sid and the team!!!!…Komawo for everything…

    especially sid, you were running the blog alone for quite a long time and it was already the best!
    you are my no.1 suju news source and even when i am super busy i try to come here at least once a day.
    thank you guys for all the work, for keeping us updated. ♥
    good luck to the blog, hope there will be only happy things happening!

  25. Happy 2nd Anniversay. It hasn’t been even two months since i liked Suju and started to follow this blog, but i’m really happy just the same. Thanks for all of the hardworks for providing us Elfs with news, pictures and videos of SujU. I would be no where without this blog. ^^

    I’ve been following this blog for quite long I think…
    This is my first source for Suju things (too lazy to go to SJ-World)
    And yes this blog getting better and better!
    The news come faster n in much more variate..
    I like best the fact that there are translator and subber in the team..
    And there are more comment in the article now and it encourage me to join the comment ^^
    When I first found this blog, there barely any comment :p
    I love you Sid and all the Sup3rjunior team! \(^_^)/

  27. Happy 2nd anniversary SUP3RJUNIOR team.. Thanks a lot for the hard works!! I Love this site so muchhhh!!

  28. congratulations!!!!!!!!! love this site, everything about it, so i will ALWAYS support it ^^ thanks for all your hard work <3

    Keep up the good work Sid-unnie all of the other people behind sup3rjunior wordpress!

  30. happy anniversary! my day is not complete without visiting your site. i thank the Heavens i found this site. thank you so much for everything that you share with us.

    more power to you and the whole staff. God bless!

  31. i got little late to comment but HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY http://WWW.SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM!!!this is daebak!!i just follow your site for half a year and i’m soo grateful can be part of your wordpress Sid!!i hope its going to be long lasting^^,
    Super Junior daebak!!!
    ELF daebak!! daebak!!! :)

  32. Happy anniversary!! Thank you sid for creating this wonderful site.. Thank you to the team who have done wonderful effort as well.. Sid, i still remember the early days where you are bringing constant updates alone.. The site progressed well with you having a team supporting you now.. 축하합니다!!

  33. Congratulations! Happy 2nd anniversary to you and your team.. without your blog, my evenings will be super boring!! i really must say that i’m quite impressed with you and your team since you really really are updated regarding anything super junior! as in your news are really up to date! don’t you guys sleep? :). More anniversaries to come.. keep up the good work. hope that one day, super junior members will read your blog and leave comments too…\(*o*)/

  34. Happy 2nd Anniversary~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope this page will last forever like Super Junior!!


  35. happy anniversary! though i’m just a newbie elf, your blog has helped me a lot when it comes to suju stuff!! thanks to you my baby sister also got hooked to super junior and now she is all gaga for ryeowook! she now visits your blog everyday like me! thanks for the working staff! i hope you’ll all be healthy and you’ll continue to spread the sapphire love! :D

  36. OMO IT’S 2ND ANNIVERSAYR ALREADY? OMG I’M TOO HAPPY TO BE PART OF THE TEAM.Sid thank you for including me :)
    If this blog doesn’t exist I’ll be so boring :)
    I love to updating :)
    Ahh I can’t describe how grateful I am to you Sid ♥

  37. Happy 2nd anniversary!!!

    And thanks so much for creating and regularly updating with all the latest info, you’re my number one source for all Super Junior updates.

    So grateful to you :)

  38. I’m supposed to be on hiatus but how can I ignore such a post :P
    Well it has been a while since I became your reader (last autumn, I think)
    Although I’ve said it many times, I still wanna repeat that your site is the best SJ source ever. No membership, no certain number of posts (or even donation -___-), we all get everything for free, in the simpliest and most convinient way. I really really appreciate that. And all of those used to be done by you alone. How amazing!
    Then in around January I joined the team. Blogging is great I must say. I also enjoy working & talking with you guys a lot. I feel really thankful to you, Sid, for having guided, helped, and encouraged us to post, edit, translate, sub and beautify the blog. Seriously you can be a good leader, cause working with you, I feel under completely no pressure at all, I am free to post random things (of couse they must be SJ related), I can make mistakes (as long as I remember to fix them), I can suggest ideas and express my opinions… and you will always appreciate them.
    Also it’s great that the blog is friendly and open. People are free to ask to join the team, and you would comment often to show that you do care about the readers and what they think… We even have birthday threads for each author, that’s really awesome. I’ve visited many SJ blogs but most of them seem like ‘dead’ sites, the admins are either too busy to update or they may have already abandoned the blogs, it’s glad that (or now is always kept lively and up-to-date.
    We are doing very well at the moment, and I hope the blog & the team will get even better in the future.
    P/S: really hoping for a meet-up among the authors, esp you and me cause we live in the same country!

  39. congratulations keep working hard to bring to us the latest of super junior i always like this blog its so amazing you really are the best !!!! fighting!!!!



  41. Happy 2nd anniversary!! :D
    I’m so happy with your blog, I really love it! ^^

  42. Feel bad!! T_T dind’t have time to read this amazing article before!!
    I should thank you Sid, finding your blog and then giving me the oportunity to be part of this amzaing team made me a loyal ELF, who just want to spread SJ love!! and I’m so thankful to have met so great people!! ^^ you, the authors, the readers…. thanks for supporting this blog!! Happy anniversary!! =D

  43. You shirt is really damn cool ^^

  44. I meant YouR ^^

  45. hooaaaaaaaaaaa daebakkkkkkkk.-.v

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