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January 28, 2011 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

Last Updated February 8th 20.23 GMT

UNSURE either From 110130/29 ———————————-

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias 2 [19P] Hae-girls

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Donghae Bias 3 [63P] Hae-girls

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Kyuhyun Bias [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Heechul Bias [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias 2 [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Ryeowook Bias 3 [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Sungmin Bias [22P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Siwon Bias [22P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Kyuhyun Bias [13P]

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Leeteuk Bias [46P] & DL

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: Yesung Bias [37P] Woonvoice

PART 1: The show! 110129/2930 [51P] MQ & DL
PART 2: The show! 110129/30 [60P] HQ& DL
PART 3: The show! 110129/30 [250P] HQ& DL
PART 4: The show! 110129/30 [86P] HQ

PART 6: The show! 110129/30 [20P] added more :) MQ

———————————-Everything From 110130———————————-

PART 1: The show! 110130 [48P] LQ
PART 2:  The show! 110130 [49P] LQ
PART 3: The show! 110130 [26P] LQ
PART 4: The show! 110130 [46P] LQ
PART 5: The show! 110130 [57P] MQ/LQ
PART 6: The show! 110130 [132P] LQ & DL
PART 7: The show! 110130 [116P] MQ & DL
PART 8: The show! 110130 [15P] HQ


SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias 2 [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Eunhyuk Bias [8P] [smilehyuk.com]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Eunhyuk Bias 2 [20P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Sungmin Bias [9P]

PerMINent Splash, Sungmin – SS3 Singapore 110130 [1P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Sungmin Bias 3 [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Pumpkin Ming [10P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Kyuhyun Bias [9P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Kyuhyun Bias 2 [21P]

SPLASH PAGE Update, 2Kyuhyun.com SS3 Singapore 110130 [2P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 2 [15P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 3 [8P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Donghae Bias 4 [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: KyuMin Bias [6P]

SS3 Singapore: 110130 EunHae Bias [42P]

FANCAMS:SS3 Singapore 110130: [40FANCAMS!]

SS3 Singapore 110130 [HD FANCAMs!]

FANACCOUNT: 110130 FanAccount No.1 . 110130 FanAccount No.2 .
SS3 Singapore 110130 – YeWook biased Fanaccount


SS3 Singapore: Press Conference! 110130 [75P] [xinmsn] & DL

SS3 Singapore: Press Conference! 110129 [17P] [xinmsn]

Super Junior In Super Show 3 Press Conference At Singapore – From 110130 [ENGLISH SUBBED]

———————————-Everything From 110129———————————-

PART 1: The audience! [7P] LQ
PART 2: The show! [81p] LQ
PART 3: The Show! [35p] LQ
PART 4:  The Show! [17P] LQ
PART 5: The Show! [52P] LQ
PART 6: The Show! [55P] LQ
PART 7:  The Show! [59P] LQ/MQ
PART 8: The Show! [47P] LQ MQ
PART 9: The Show! [53P] HQ
PART 10: The Show! [37P] MQ
PART 11: The Show! 110129 [58P] HQ
PART 12: The Show! 110129 [23P] HQ & DL
PART 13:  The show! 110129 [53P] LQ & DL
PART 14: The show! 110129 [17P] HQ
PART 15: 110129: The audience! [15P]


SS3 Singapore 110129: Heechul Bias [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias [11P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 2 [21P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 3 [28P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Donghae Bias 4 [3P]

Pictures taken by KYUHYUN! [3P] . SPLASH PAGE 2Kyuhyun.com [1P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Kyuhyun Bias [26P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Kyuhyun Bias 2 [26P]

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung Bias 2 [5P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110130: Yesung Bias 3 [9P] 4Yesung

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung Bias 3 [7P] MyBabyCloud

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias [9P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 2 [27P] DL

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 3 [5P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Sungmin Bias 4 [30P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Leeteuk [39P] DL

SS3 Singapore 110129/30: EunHae Bias [10P]

ELF (incl. Merchandise, Banners, Stage)

ELF Pictures [7P]Merchandise [4P]THE STAGE! [9P]Photocards [6P]

Banners [5P]ELFs QUEUE OVER NIGHT!! [4P]Part 4 I think? xD OF ELF! [20P]

10 Gold medals for Super Junior from Indonesian ELF ~

FANCAMS: Part 1 110129: [16 FANCAMs!] -  Part 2  110129: [41 FANCAMS!]
Part 3 110129: [32 FANCAMS!] Part 4 110129: [35 FANCAMs!]
Part 5 SS3 Singapore 110129 [HD FANCAMs!] Part 6 SS3 Singapore Performances – From 110129 [4 HD Clips]

FANACCOUNT: SS3 Singapore 110129 FanAccounts :)-FanAccount No.3FanAccount No.4 -

SS3 Singapore 110129 – Eunhyuk biased Fanaccount



110128  Changi YS, DH & EH [1P] . 110128 Incheon, DH, KH [2P]
110128 Incheon, DH BIAS! & Henry [12P & gif) . 110131 Super Junior at Incheon Airport [Fancam!]

110131 Super Junior At Incheon Airport [5P]


110130 Heechul Twitter Updates: Lady HEEHEE

SS3 Singapore 110129: Lady Hee Shakes the Twitterverse!

110130 Yesung Twitter Update: Singapore

110131 Yesung Twitter Update: Thank you ELF!!

110131 Shindong Twitter Update: Wow!! Surprise!!!!

110131 Heechul Twitter Update: memories made

110130 Heechul’s Photo Tweet – With Siwon, Kyuhyun & Ryeowook [2P]

110131 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: really happy!!!

Car Crash (& some tweets)

Heechul & Leeteuk got into an accident!!!  Don’t Worry, they are OK!! [3P]

110128/29 Heechul Twitter Update: Everybody is in danger

110128 Leeteuk Twitter Update: I thought I’d die…ㅠㅠ

SS3 Singapore: Heechul and Leeteuk got into a minor car accident

Leeteuk, Heechul’s accident on Singapore newspaper: Were fans to blame for crash?

110130 Interview with Kim Heechul on the Accident in Singapore

Leeteuk and Heechul Involved in a 7 cars Accident in Singapore

Super Junior’s Leeteuk goes to the hospital for a check-up


HC, LT, EH, RW & KH Entering the stadium [5P] . SS3 Singapore: Cost More Than $1.5 Million

SS3 Singapore: 110130 ~ Newspaper [3P]

SS3 Singapore 110129: Yesung hit by a fan’s lightstick

110130 – Super Junior’s Super Show 3: A night to remember (News + HQ Pics)

110131 Super Junior wants to bring Super Show 4 to the rest of the World

110129 Super Show 3 in Manila featured on ‘The Philippine Star’

Super Junior successfully completes their Singapore concert

110201 Super Junior’s Singapore screamfest

SS3 Singapore, by shieldkitten

‘Super’ surprise at Singapore Church!

SS3 Singapore FanArt: WonKyu (?)

SS3 Singapore FanArts: Heechul & Eunhyuk [5P]

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  1. Fighting admin! Keep update..

  2. it makes me feel more excited for SS3 Manila

    i think it will be a lot of fun too

    it almost near

    hope to see a lot of ELF at that time too

    (admin thanks for the update it keeps me awake with my sleepy work! all admins are doing a great job!)

  3. sharing my fanaccount:) sungmin bias!

  4. ELF
    please…help us!! ELF from INDONESIA
    help us to follow @SentraEnt
    invite oppa SUPER JUNIOR come to INDONESIA

  5. okay..sorry for posting this.. but i need to spaz.. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!! when sj came to singapore in june i missed them by ONE DAY! and i can’t go to this one because im all there way here in the midwest stuck in the snow! AND.. they’re going over to malaysia again this march.. AND i technically could fly back during my spring break bt my parents will of course disown me first.. so i can’t go…. bottom line in.. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!! I WNA GO!! im always at the wrong place at the wrong time.. -_-

    sigh.. at the mean time i should jst enjoy all these pictures and wait til the day that i am actually there and will be the one taking the photos..

  6. oppa…
    i love you …
    4 ever never end…

  7. no henry n MiMi bias? T_T

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