SUPER SHOW 3 ~ EVERYTHING about the SuShow 3 right HERE!

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SUPER SHOW 3 ~ EVERYTHING about the SuShow 3 right HERE!

- BATCH 1: Super Show 3 PICTURES [43P]
BATCH 2: Super Show 3 ~ KINDA Kyuhyun BIAS! [6P]

Updated*- BATCH 4: SUPER SHOW 3 Pictures ~ [38P]
Updated* - BATCH 5: SUPER SHOW 3 GIFs [19GIFs]

Updated*- visit SUP3RJUNIOR @ Facebook [314P] (INCLUDING THE PRESS CONFERENCE!!)


- Nickhun TwitPic Update SS3100814 Twitter Updates ~ Donghae, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong (SS3)
Updated* - Drunken Tiger & Defcon.. Tweet about Suju.., Updated w/ Jonghyun FROM FTI & One Way Chance

- 100814 SUPER SHOW 3, on Entertainment Weekly
BATCH 1: SUPER SHOW 3 Fancams [13Fancams]
Updated* - BATCH 2: SUPER SHOW 3 Fancams [11Fancams]

Super Show 3, FanAccount Kinda Donghae BIAS..


- 53P – 29.32MB – MU

-49P – 8.25MB – MU

Updated* - 191P – 40.8MB – MU


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  1. >< i wanna Be with him

    • استغفرالله السوبرجنيو وكوريا وصنياعداء السلام يا امةمحمد صلي الله عليه وسلم

      • الله ينعل والرسول السوبر حنيور الكفر اليهود البقر اعداء السلام

        • الاسلام عفوا

  2. Super Junior Hwaiting! please always update about this, hehe
    oppa i wanna see you soon, good luck for your concert

    • شرقا اسيا اعداء الاسلام يا امة محمد

  3. Please repost this if you like. thanks!

    • الكورين اعداء السلام افهم يا مسلمين

  4. i hear that Kibum also attend the concert..

    • Yupp he did! He was spotted by ELF~ In the VIP seating!

      Sid~ Add him to the list? kekeke..

      • eh? i thought it was a rumour??

  5. Sid! I don’t know where else I can give this to you so here~
    Youtube vid of their Press Conference with clips from the show!!

    Kyuhyun as Pharaoh! Teuk being hilarious..

    Could you post this?? :D

  6. All I did after seeing those pics/gif is squeaking, breathing really hard, and saying “oh my gosh” non-stop.

  7. I found another fancam (really short though):

  8. DAMN. That bitch better get her hands of EunHae! XD


  10. I am an elf. Honestly i love super junior’s fanservice. How they take their shirts off and do sexy dances. But the sexy girl dancers’ are a “ng”. Rem. how 2pm had sexy dancers and got scolded by fan’s moms. Their cute and bubbly image and the fanservice they do to each other is better. =(

    Lol. btw. Can’t wait to see heechul kisses.

  11. i wouldn’t hav a problem if the girl was actually heechul XD

      if only…..

  12. thank you so much for sharing this ^^
    the boys are so awesome ! super junior jjang !

  13. thks u ♥♥
    many many pic and fancam :x

  14. I wish i was there…. :'( i want to see EunHae

  15. Thanks a lot^^
    Who is she

  16. please help to vote for suju at this link…
    we are losing rite now…

  17. Did Henry and Zhoumi attend the show?

    • no :'(

      • T_T Do u know why not?

  18. i really want to know how many fans in that stadium? cos allkpop write only 10000 . I can’t believe …..plsssssss…someone tell me

  19. _++

    where is the next destinationof

  20. I just wanted to say, thank you so much for being so up to date. It must take a lot of time, love and effort to maintain the site! Thank you!
    This is the site I check first before reading local news, lol. :)

  21. Kyuhyun oppa is very handsome, charismatic, playful and childish!!! Saranghaeyo!!!

  22. No way only 10000…
    It was sold out, wasn’t it? That means like 14000 or something

  23. I wanna go to Super Show 3 =( anyway, I’m very happy for our oppadeul.^__^

  24. oh . oppa ! Be happy ? ok ?

  25. errrm…. an ELF spotted kibum at the VIP place.. ?? i thought hes going up the stage and sing his part.. i don know.. all the ELFs said so.. hope he will join Super Junior as fast as possible~

  26. hi! thank you for all the info! suju fighting! let’s support them, elf forever! see you here in manila on feb! :)

  27. sana po may contest na ang price i ticket para sa concert ng super junior….

    4 sure i will join dat contesttttttt

    i need ticket….

    i need jobbbbbbb

  28. thanks

  29. hh

  30. i <3 super junior :) :D

  31. ~D)

  32. ewwwww X)


  33. 한 은썬

  34. y h

  35. حسبي الله علي الكفر السوبرجنيور

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