Updated* ZhouMi MC @ Beauty Contest at GDTV (Guangzhou)

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Lenght : 47:11


Lenght : Aprox 36 minutes
|| P1 || P2 || P3 || P4 || P5 ||

Cr: 小文子525@百度 周觅吧 ; reuploaded by fampar@ sj-world.net
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100707 ShimShimtapa Caps w/ Shindong

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Credit to as tagged | shared by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Take out with full credit | Do Not Cut The Logo

Donghae @ Ban Ma Ha Sa Nook (Trans)

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This was translated according to the Thai subtitles on the video.


MC1: (0:00-0:02) Aren’t you excited that you’ll get to see your soulmate?

MC2: (0:03) Of course I am~

MC1: (0:04-0:06) Didn’t he ask you to marry him last time?

(0:17-0:21) Now that you see us today… what do you think about us? Are we as handsome/ beautiful as you thought?

(0:23-0:26) LOL he just sigh… I think he’s about to throw up…

DH: (0:30-0:34) Both of you are so handsome/beautiful that I want you guys to marry each other…

MC1: (0:36-0:39) No, we can’t… I’ll feel bad for our baby… I’m afraid that no one would want to look at him…

MC2: (0:42-0:54) So Donghae is someone who loves to dance… so we want to ask when did he start learning how to dance, what kind of dance does he like… and then we will let him teach both of us…

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Donghae & Leeteuk @ Incheon airport

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taken on 100706

Credit: abiding

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100708 Hangeng rehearsing for his concert, [13P]

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100707 Heechul CY 4 Photo Entries

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2010.07.07 17:09
Title : A calyx

Mi-in-ah is the title that being attached to me after (people) seeing me

2010.07.07 17:06
Title : 2 D T

So I thought of the pain that you gave me*

*“2 D T” is “2 Different tears” and the entry is Sohee’s part in the song

2010.07.07 17:04
Title : Salt

Ah it’s salty

2010.07.07 17:15
Title : If Omma get lost

Mamma mia

When you watch me telling jokes
You’re mesmerized
But after you done (watching me) you pointed a finger (at me)
And I find that hypocrisy of yours so funny


Hello Hello Hello*

*The entry is the lyrics from MissA’s song “Bad girl Good girl”, Heechul just changed it a little bit from “When you watch me dancing” to “When you watch me telling jokes”

Source : 김희철 미니홈피
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
thanks dDonika for the shout out and images

may tale out with full credits

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100707 At Shenyang Airport Taoxian Airport – Super Junior

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Credits: 靠近晟敏 (WWW.19860101.COM)
Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Take out with full and proper credits. Do not modify the pictures.

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Youtube Top Rated, Top Favorite, Most Discussed

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SOURCE: Youtube

thanks to the blacklisthunter

100707 Zhou Mi Weibo Update ~ get well soon mimi

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Previous Weibo Entry From Today Go HERE

Came back from the hospital.. My numb voice cord is finally able to move, but I still can’t sing now, so I had to cancel the shows which I’m going to sing in~ To me, being unable to sing is so painful!!!!!!

21:33 GMT+8 (22:33 KST)

Source: Zhoumi’s Weibo
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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100707 Sukira Caps – Leeteuk, Eunhyuk

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Credits: as tagged | Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full and proper credits. Do not cut the logo.

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100707 Youngstreet with DJ Heechul

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Credit to as tagged | shared by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net
Reuploaded & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Take out with full credit

Credit: onkei@sj-world.net

Credits: as tagged | Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Take out with full and proper credits. Do not modify the pictures.

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100707 Melon Music Story Special with SJ except Siwon

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credit to Melon’s Official Website | reuploaded by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net


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Rehearsal of KBS Open Concert @ Shenyang [6P]

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100706 Rehearsal of KBS Open Concert @ Shenyang
SJ except Kyuhyun, Siwon, Heechul –
For images go HERE

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